U.S. Department of Labor Offers Millions to Boost Disability Employment

The United States Department of Labor is set to provide grants aimed towards growing employment opportunities for people within the disabled community. The federal funding is focusing on providing up to $109 million dollars to 27 states that have about 43 state workforce agencies. The goal is to improve employment rates for the disabled community.

People with disabilities seek work opportunities daily. The U.S. Department of Labor is trying to create training programs to prepare disabled workers for future employment. They plan to dedicate $15.6 million to states that are prepared to create projects to help improve the outcome of employment opportunities for disabled people.

The funding is scheduled to be distributed in grants ranging from $1.5 to $2.5 million spread across eight different grants. The project selection process has three demographic groups in mind. The groups include people with significant disabilities ages 14 and up, young people and young adults with disabilities ranging from the ages 14 to 24, and adults with disabilities who are 18 and over.

Thomas Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor said, “The funding will help prepare disabled workers for good jobs and build strong ladders of opportunity. People with disabilities have talents and ideas to contribute to workplaces and the nation’s economy.”

People with disabilities are eager to find jobs, work hard and succeed in their industry. Often, they are not given the opportunity due to lack of training. The workforce training programs the U.S. Department of Labor is trying to establish will build the skills and confidence of disabled people who are seeking employment.

Most job opportunities within the United States are applied to through online applications. Training programs that teach beneficial skills can improve resumes and impress companies that are hiring within their special fields. Ultimately, this gives disabled workers an even playing ground with able-bodied workers.

Once an interview is scheduled, a disabled applicant can discuss their specific skill set and experience that makes them a good fit for the job position. Education and training provide disabled workers with more opportunity in the workplace and room to succeed further in their chosen industry.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 17.1 % of disabled people are employed in the United States. This is significantly lower to the employment ratio of 64.6% for those without a disability. It is essential to get the disabled employment percentage higher around the country.

Boosting disability employment opportunities begins with the U.S. Department of Labor providing funds to organizations that are willing to train and educate disabled people. The goal is for the disabled community to gain a variety of skills through the program and apply it to jobs.

Common skills required in the workforce include typing and computer programs. Popular office related jobs for disabled workers include careers in customer service, law offices, information technology departments, general office positions and other jobs that don’t involve a high amount of physical demands. There are also a wide variety of universities located across the country that is wheelchair accessible and encourages further education in the disabled community.

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