Best 10 Apps for Wheelchair Users

Best 10 Apps for Wheelchair Users

Technology has changed the lives of wheelchair users in a variety of ways. New innovative wheelchair technology and apps are being developed on a regular basis. Apps are becoming increasingly popular among the disabled community, especially those that help navigate daily life easier. The following apps are considered the best apps for wheelchair users and others with disabilities.

  1. Access Earth – This app allows users to share information with other members of accessible hotels, restaurants, attractions and more. The detailed information users provide for each other help create a trustworthy Access Earth community that is dependable.
  2. Wheelmap – This helpful app accumulates data from the internet to provide users with current information similar to OpenStreetMap.

  3. Wheelmate – Wheelchair users are able to locate accessible parking spaces and bathrooms worldwide. This app currently has information on 45 countries with more details added every day.

  4. AXS Map App – This app retrieves information from Google maps and provides users with details about accessible destinations, attractions, restaurants, neighborhoods and more.

  5. MobilityWorks App – This app is a dependable resource for wheelchair users to find a variety of information such as rental information, vehicle photos and more.

  6. Dragon Go! – Those who have limited ability with their hands will benefit from this app. This app records your voice and determines what you want to do.

  7. ICE Standard with 911 – This emergency app is designed to help save your life. The user installs emergency health information that allows EMTs to access your information on the lock screen of your cell phone. This is helpful for those who have health issues that often lead to emergency situations.
  8. iComm – Children with disabilities who have difficulty speaking can use this app to communicate with parents, siblings, caregivers, teachers and friends. The app contains vibrant pictures that show others they want a toy, food, water or something else.

  9. Symple – Those who tend to forget the symptoms they wanted to discuss with their doctor will find this app beneficial. It is a health diary plus tracks symptoms and other issues long term. The app saves all the information and can be shown to a physician during a doctor’s appointment.

  10. Pill & Med Reminder – Medisafe. Wheelchair users who have a busy schedule might forget to take medication. This app keeps the user on track by sending a reminder alert to take medication.

Wheelchair users and others in the disabled community have found that apps improve their lifestyle. Depending on your lifestyle and specific needs, you can choose apps that simplify, organize and help you with various issues. Apps that provide locations of restrooms, parking spaces, accessible restaurants and public buildings are the most common apps used.

Health-related apps provide users with independence and peace of mind. They help to assure you take medication on time, drink, eat, track symptoms and more. Apps have proven to make lives easier and help track health issues. Most apps are free and easy to use. If you are ready to welcome technology into your life, try the apps listed above.  

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