KD Smart Chair Video Part 1 – The Power Wheelchair Comparison

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation are conducting a wheelchair comparison video series of reviews on the top power wheelchairs in the market today. This series provides you with detailed test drives and consumer-friendly information on power chairs from the leading manufacturers. Check out the video below from The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation as they review KD Smart Chair power wheelchair for it's design, controls and features. 

Wheelchair user David Radcliffe thoroughly tested the chair and provided his honest opinion. David put the Standard model of KD Smart Chair through the test by using the mobility device on a ramp, sidewalk, across the grass, down a bumpy sidewalk and on a slanted surface. During his test, he was pleased with the stability of the chair and the comfort of the seat and backrest. He also highlighted that it is easy to fold and perfectly fits into an SUV. The KD Smart Chair is best known for its ability to handle tuff terrain, turn in small areas, lightweight and perfect for travel. 

David has been looking for a power wheelchair to assist him when he has groceries, garbage and other chores he needs to handle. He also plans to use it when he travels. The KD Smart Chair gets the job done and was an overall good experience for David. 

KD Smart Chair Video Part 2 – The Arrival

Matt Gillette guides viewers through the beginning of the KD Smart Chair experience beginning with front door delivery. The KD Smart Chair arrives double boxed for added protection to prevent damage during shipping. The boxes are easy to open and handle. Scissors are the only tool needed for the beginning process.

The KD Smart Chair easily slides out of the box and is ready to be revealed. Quick removal of the clear plastic protective cover will reveal the innovative wheelchair. The owner’s manual is available in book or DVD form. The joystick takes only a few seconds to attach and the lithium batteries are ready to be charged.

Matt easily conducted the arrival and preparation of the KD Smart Chair easily and quickly. Reading the owner’s manual or viewing the DVD is recommended before using the KD Smart Chair. Matt’s overall experience was easy, quick and smooth.

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation are dedicated to advancing the quality of life for wheelchair users and those that suffer from spinal cord injuries. They fund innovative research and help improve the quality of life for people with paralysis through advocacy and grants.

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