Unfolding the KD Smart Chair is just as easy! It should take you no less than 10 seconds. Once you get a hang of it, you will do it in a snap.

Here are the steps to unfolding it: 

1. Using your one hand, grab the handle along the top of the back support bar.

2. With the other hand, grab the base of the seat, not by the cushion but by the support beams that make up the seating area and than lift it. You will now see the chair starting to unfold, with the base of the chair extending down towards the ground.

3. Once the bottom half has dropped down, place it on the ground on it's wheels.

4. Grab the handle along the top of the back support bar and lift upwards towards you.

5. Place one foot on the beam along the rear wheels and pull up with the back support bar. You will hear a clicking sound which means the chair has locked into place.

That's it ! You are now done and ready to go!