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KD Smart Chair

Regain Your Mobility & Get Your Independence Back!

Wheelchair Financing With KD Smart Chair

KD Smart Chair is now offering low monthly wheelchair financing options with Prosper Healthcare Lending to provide consumers with affordable loans for purchasing our innovative lightweight electric wheelchair! Prosper Healthcare Lending is a premier financing company in the health care industry that has serviced more than 300,000 applicants, is working with KD Smart Chair providing loans that have a quick and easy application process and are 100% confidential. There are no application fees, no down payments necessary, low monthly payments and you can get approved in seconds.

How It works

1. Apply for financing
2. Receive your funds
3. Purchase Your KD Smart Chair

Benefits of Our Wheelchair Financing Program

  • Get approved in seconds 
  • Low monthly payment options
  • No down payment or collateral is required
  • Easy application process - Takes less than 5 minutes
  • There are no prepayment penalties or fees
  • Application process is 100% Secure and Confidential



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will my credit be affected if I apply for financing?

Answer: No. Your credit will not be effected. You will have opportunity to review the terms and rates of the loan before accepting anything with  no risk.


Question: Do I need to put down any down payments or collateral?

Answer: No. Loans processed through Prosper Healthcare Lending are unsecured which does not require any collateral. All loans are based on your credit history and income.


Question: What if I have bad credit?

Answer: You must have at least a 640 credit score when applying for our electric wheelchair financing program to meet our credit and income requirements to qualify.


Question: Can I have a cosigner?

Answer: A family member or friend with qualified credit may obtain a loan and use it to help you pay for KD Smart Chair. 


Question: What will my interest rate be?

Answer:  Average annual percentage rate (APR) starts from 7% - 20% dependent on your credit history. Higher rates can apply if your credit score is low.


Question: Are there any other interest rates or fees associated with my application loan?

Answer: There are no application fees or pre-payment penalties for our loans.  There is an origination fee that ranges between 2-5% on the Standard Credit Program fee which is determined by your credit history and loan amount.


Don't wait any longer! Apply for your financing today and regain your mobility with our KD Smart Chair.

It's 100% Secure - 100% Confidential - No Down Payments