The KD Smart Chair is durable, long-lasting, dependable, and requires very little maintenance. Both of our models, Standard and Heavy Duty will experiences normal wear throughout the year as you use it. To keep your KD Smart Chair running at its optimum level, you will want to perform annual maintenance.

Keeping Track

You will want to keep a notebook dedicated to your chair's maintenance record and note the date of the annual repair, any issues you have experienced, repairs needed and comments mentioned by the technician. You can also set your calendar to remind you once a year of your maintenance appointments that maybe needed. Always keep track of the specific details regarding each maintenance session since it will help the next technician become familiar with your chair and pay attention to specific issues, if there are any.

Repair Shops

KD Smart Chair has certified repair shops in every state within the United States and also located in a variety of areas throughout Europe and Asia. These professional shops are highly experienced with repairing and maintaining electric wheelchairs as well as all models of our Smart Chairs. You can trust these reputable repair shops to properly conduct maintenance and repairs on your chair any time of the year. To locate a repair shop near you visit please to view a map of all of your repair shop options and find the nearest one next to you.

House-Call Repairs

You may prefer to have your KD Smart Chair repaired in the comfort of your own home. If this is your preference, you can contact KD Smart Chair and arrange to have a service technician make a house-call. Depending on your location, a technician can provide on-the-spot maintenance and repairs in the comfort of your home. Wheelchair and Scooter Repair  (WSR) has more than 1,900 service technicians located within all 50 states and they specialize in repairing and maintaining all KD Smart Chair models. WSR is nationally accredited repair company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, affordable and accept private insurance, worker’s compensation and Medicare. Call them today Toll Free Phone at 1-888-584-3095 


KD Smart Chair has a helpful Maintenance and Service manual that covers all details about your chair. There are a variety of popular parts that we keep in stock on a regular basis to assure consumers will have repairs completed as quickly as possible. Parts that are in stock include arm rest joints, arm rests, central processing unit controller and cable, joystick, leg guards, lithium ion battery power charger, seat cushions, safety seat belt, back support cushion, smart chair batteries, front wheel assembly, rear wheel and motor assembly and more. You can find all parts here

Limited Use Maintenance

Some users only use the chair for specific occasions throughout the year. Whether you use your Smart Chair on a daily basis or limited times per year, you will still want to provide proper maintenance for your chair. It is essential to its performance and longevity.

Traveling Maintenance

Since the KD Smart Chair meets travel regulations and requirements, you will always want to have regular maintenance performed before traveling. Also, in case of emergency, you can find the contact information for the repair shop nearest to your travel destination before leaving for your trip. This will assure you that your chair will always be taken care of properly anywhere within the United States or internationally during all of your travels.

Contacting the Repair Shop

We make servicing your KD Smart Chair is easy and convenient. There are reputable and dependable repair shops located in every state within the United States with certified technicians waiting to provide you with excellent service. Contact the repair shop near you for an appointment and to discuss maintenance and repairs required. Discuss obvious repairs that need to be completed as well as any concerns you may have regarding your chair. Always provide the technician with your maintenance records that you keep in a dedicated notebook. Even if there is only one entry, the details and comments from the previous technician can give helpful insight for repairs.

Your KD Smart Chair is built to last long-term. Keeping it running at its top performance is essential to its longevity. Always keep the maintenance appointments to assure excellent performance. At the first sign of anything unusual, you should contact a repair shop immediately so the condition doesn’t worsen. Enjoy many years with your KD Smart Chair and always provide it with the best maintenance so it can last you many years!