Russia Banned from Paralympic Games in Rio

Russia loses hope in competing in the Paralympic Games in Rio. Paralympic officials imposed a blanket ban against Russia. The country attempted to appeal the decision but it was rejected by officials.

The International Paralympic Committee alleged Russia was involved in state-sponsored doping. The Court of the Arbitration of Sport ruled to agree with the committee’s decision to ban Russia.

The CAS found that the International Paralympic Committee did not violate any laws when determining the disciplinary action and deciding on the blanket ban against Russia. The ruling was in proportion with the circumstance of the situation.

Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee, blamed the Russian government for the situation and confidently announced the ban. It seems that Russia is known for this type of behavior and it values earning medals over moral responsibility to their athletes. The athletes are not blamed for the issue and sympathy is expressed towards them regarding the problem.

Officials are hoping by banning the entire Russian team, the government will discontinue the encouragement of using substances to further athletic ability.

Richard McLaren gathered details and led the independent report that exposed information for the World Anti-Doping Agency. The report alleged that Russia’s security services attempted to cover up the wide-scale doping of their athletes.

The IPC stands firmly behind their decision to ban Russia from the Paralympic Games in Rio. The decision enforces the rules that every country and athlete have to adhere to. It also ensures fair competition between all athletes.

The International Paralympic Committee is hopeful Russia will not make the same mistake in the future. The IPC is eager to enforce improvement and change for Paralympic athletes in Russia and allow them to compete to their best abilities in the future.

Due to this situation, the IPC plans to work closely with the World Anti-Doping Agency after the Rio 2016 games. Specific criteria will be established for the Russian Paralympic Committee. The criteria will require the RPC to fulfill its membership obligations and work towards having the suspension lifted.

The committee was careful with their decision but had no choice but to enforce the rules. All other countries and athletes had to adhere to specific rules regarding doping and other issues. All other countries qualified with the exception of Russia.

The ruling was not made easily and considered the athletes involved. First, the Russian athletes involved were not blamed once research revealed the country was responsible for doping their athletes so they can perform at higher levels than others. The committee understands the Russian athletes worked hard and have natural talent in their individual sports. However, the doping situation adds to their performance level which makes it unfair to all the other athletes involved in the Paralymic games.

All the other countries and participating athletes are thankful to the IPC for the ruling. If Russia would have been approved to participate in the games, other athletes might have been cheated out of their achievements and medals. The IPC is hoping Russia does not repeat the situation in the future.


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