Best Wheelchair Accessible Winter Getaways Around the World

Finding the ultimate winter getaway is one thing, but locating a wheelchair accessible destination could be challenging. Those who love the cold weather and snow filled days generally seek out the best spots in the world. It’s time to pack your bags, dust off your passport and make reservations to visit the best wheelchair accessible winter getaways around the world.

Park City, Utah

This picturesque city is located in the western part of the United States. Park City in Utah ranks at the top of the list for accessible ski resorts. Not only are the ski slopes accommodating and accessible but airports, hotels and other lodging options are easily accessible too. Park City is a popular winter getaway that encourages wheelchair users to participate in adaptive winter sports and recreation.

Squaw Creek, Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is located along the border between Nevada and California. Squaw Creek is located in the North Lake Tahoe region. They offer wheelchair accessible hotel front entrance, easy access to the concierge and front desk areas, hotel rooms, public restrooms, fitness center and they provide bathtub benches, towel racks, sinks, roll-in showers and accessible door peep-holes for your safety.

Vienna, Austria

One of the first things people think of when Vienna is mentioned are the quaint city filled with cobblestone streets. If you can navigate through France or Italy, you can definitely make it in Vienna. The cobblestone streets are smoother compared to other European cities and the atmosphere is filled with a variety of intoxicating aromas, sounds and sights. At the core of the city there are designated pedestrian zones. This means there are no curbs or sidewalks to navigate or unusual obstacles to worry about. Getting around Vienna is also easy for wheelchair users since the trams, buses, taxis, hotels and most restaurants are wheelchair accessible. If you do run into any obstacles you will find the people of Vienna are extremely helpful and search for ways to accommodate you.

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Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

The Poconos are located in northeastern Pennsylvania. There are a variety of wheelchair accessible resorts and log cabins to choose from. The area provides plenty of opportunity for activities such as skiing, camping, casinos, horse racing and more.

Vancouver, BC

Get ready for a winter vacation filled with skiing, snowboarding and sightseeing. Vancouver is one of the easiest cities to navigate due to the curb cuts along the sidewalks, audible crosswalk signals, accessible public transportation and taxis. This city has also made their parks and a variety of their recreation programs accessible. You can also choose from a wide range of hotels and restaurants.

Harbin, China

The capital city of Harbin is the largest city in the People’s Republic of China. This popular city is best known for the spectacular annual Ice Festival with hundreds of glowing ice sculptures that light up the night sky. The city offers wheelchair accessible hotel accommodations, plenty of restaurants and easy navigation of the streets.

Alaska, United States

This winter getaway is best traveled via cruise ship. You have everything you need on the cruise ship, such as wheelchair accessible state rooms, restaurants and activities. It is also the best way to enjoy the serenity of Alaska. Most cruise ships offer shore excursions such as whale watching and winter sports. Alaska is known as one of the most majestic places on earth and a must-see during the winter season.

Booking Your Trip

Now that you have surely chosen one of the wheelchair accessible getaways on the list for your next vacation destination, it’s time to book your trip. You can hire a travel agent who has experience booking reservations for wheelchair users. This is the best way to assure everything is handled correctly and lessens the risk of unforeseen obstacles.

If you prefer to book your own reservations, make sure you contact the airlines and transportation companies you will be using to assure you are aware of all wheelchair accessible regulations. Learning this information will help prevent issues arising during your trip.

Getting Prepared

Depending on where you are traveling, you may need to update your passport, fill medial prescriptions, purchase winter and ski gear as well as purchase new luggage to accommodate bulky winter items needed for your trip. Plan on layering your clothes so you have the option to add or remove items as the weather changes throughout the day. Also make sure you pack a few extra pairs of gloves in case the others get lost.

Notifying Family and Friends

If you are traveling alone make sure you notify friends and family so they are aware of your winter travel plans. Provide them with details such as your departure and return arrival dates and time, flight details and contact details. Contact a loved one to assure them you have arrived safely at your destination and advise them to alert the others. This is a highly important procedure since travel plans get interrupted, delayed or cancelled. If traveling abroad you will want to know the location and contact information of the U.S Embassy in case you lose your passport.

Once you have all the details of your trip taken care of, focus on the adventure. If you have friends or family members that enjoy winter destinations as much as you do, invite them along on the trip. Remember to contact the destination to book activities in advance for large groups and create an itinerary that will make everyone involved happy. Get started today by choosing your winter getaway!

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