New Year’s Resolutions for Wheelchair Users


The New Year is quickly approaching and it’s time to leave the old behind and look forward to a fresh start. While New Year’s resolutions are fun and easy to make they are often difficult to keep. Less than 50% of Americans keep their resolutions after six months, even less for wheelchair users. Instead of making a long list of New Year’s Resolutions, avoid overwhelming yourself and try choosing only a few from the list below.

Improve Your Health

This is one of the most popular resolutions and often the most difficult to maintain. Instead of going on a strict diet try eating smaller meals and doing a few wheelchair yoga moves or join a gym that has wheelchair accessible equipment and experienced trainers. Invite a friend along to keep you company and encourage each other to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Work on Time Management

It’s not a secret that wheelchair users take a little more time to complete some tasks compared to able-bodied people. If you are constantly feeling like there’s not enough time in the day to complete everything you need to do, work on your time management. Try keeping a daily calendar and avoid scheduling too many tasks in one day. Set up appointments on days you have less to do and try to complete errands that are closely located to each other.

Set Goals

Goal setting is essential to keeping your year moving forward. Think of how you would like to end your new year, this usually helps with strategizing. You may want to earn your degree, get a new job, decorate your home, purchase a new car and much more! Once you have a clear vision of what your goals are for the New Year, write down the steps you need to take to achieve them. Schedule the steps in your daily calendar and do your best to complete each milestone.

Invest in Wheelchair Accessories

This resolution is a must-do! It’s not too difficult and provides you with a wide range of convenience throughout your daily life. Invest in wheelchair accessories such as a phone carrying case, cup holder, flashlight, seat pouch, carry pouch and laptop holder.


Plan to travel during the New Year! Choose a destination and a form of transportation and prepare your wheelchair for traveling. Contact the airlines, cruise line, train or bus company to learn more about their regulations for traveling with a wheelchair. Broaden your horizons this New Year and take the trip you have always desired.

Join a Team

Get out of your comfort zone and stop hiding on the sidelines. Test your athletic ability and join a wheelchair basketball, tennis or rugby team. If sports are not your talent, you can always try wheelchair ballroom dancing and compete against other couples.

Ask for Help

This resolution is usually the most difficult to do. You may have just ended a difficult year or are going through a situation that requires more help then you are used to receiving. Don’t be shy, ask your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for help. Did your car break down? Ask a neighbor if you can tag along on their next trip to the grocery store. Asking a variety of people for help, instead of singling out one person to handle all tasks provides a wide variety of opportunity. You will be surprised about how many people are willing and happy to help you.

Conduct Regular Maintenance on Your Chair

This resolution is something that many wheelchair owners avoid until something goes wrong. Prevent a stressful situation and lessen the risk of getting stranded by keeping your wheelchair running at its best. Conduct your own inspection about once a week by checking the tires and battery. Also contact the local wheelchair repair company and schedule maintenance and repairs.

Stay in Touch 

Unknowingly some wheelchair users lose contact with good friends or family members. It’s not done on purpose, but life gets busy and before you know it a year has passed since the last time you spoke to your best friend. Stay in contact with your friends by scheduling a day at least once per month to give them a call, skype, text or email. This will assure you at least stay in touch once per month to keep current on each other’s lives. Having a good network of people in your life is an excellent way to build a support system.

Upgrade Your Wheelchair

Make this year the moment you decide to upgrade your wheelchair. If your wheelchair has been having problems, is old and beyond repair make a change and purchase a new wheelchair. Begin choosing a wheelchair that will fit all of your needs and make the purchase. Some wheelchair companies provide financial plans if you need assistance.

Once you choose your New Year’s resolutions, write them down, and make a plan on your daily calendar to help you reach your goals. Spread out your individual tasks so that you are not shooting to have all of your resolutions completed the first week of January. This can be overwhelming and cause you to give up quickly because of the stress.

If you plan to earn your degree, begin by searching online for campuses or online schools that offer your degree program. Carefully choose a school and arrange to take the entrance testing and fill out the application. Spread the tasks out over a couple of months and take your time. You will want to keep this same type of strategy to maintain your New Year’s resolutions as well. Make your New Year a great one with any of these resolutions for wheelchair users.

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