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Road Trips for Wheelchair Users

Posted by KD Smart Chair on June 25, 2018. 0 Comments

For your road trip as a wheelchair user, you will need to select an accessible method of transportation, choose a route, invite travel companions, make reservations, pack your luggage and get on the open road. Consider these following five awesome road trips below for wheelchair users.

  1. Florida

Anyone who has driven through the state of Florida knows it is an extremely long state filled with plenty of adventure opportunities. Taking a road trip from the top of the state to the southernmost point allows you to see a beautiful coastline, NASA museum, Disney World, Sea World, Bush Gardens, the Everglades, Miami Beach, the Keys and more. 

  1. Route 66

This famous route has been driven by millions. Travelers that enjoy landscape and long endless drives will enjoy this fascinating road trip. The route is filled with restaurants and small shops that allow you to stop and get a bite to eat, relax and meet new people. The southwest part of the route provides the best scenery.

  1. California Coast

There aren’t many states that allow you to drive from one end to the other that offers as much variety as the California Coast. For wheelchair users, you need to experience traveling along the picturesque coastline as you take in those breathtaking views.

  1. New York State

Avoid the traffic and the busy streets on New York City and experience New York state in a more relaxed environment. You can enjoy the scenery of apple orchards in Upstate NY, parks and recreational wheelchair-friendly areas, cozy lodges, vineyards along the Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls and more.

  1. Miami to Key West

The Miami to Key West road trip takes you through a variety of road ways and the 7-mile bridge. This historic bridge allows you to drive over water for seven straight miles. Depending on your skill level and physical strength, you may also want to try accessible wheelchair sports including fishing in Key West. 


The road trips shown above have accessible bathrooms, museums, restaurants, theme parks, and beautiful scenery. Plan ahead for your next wheelchair road trip by using the GPS system, map out the places you want to stop and find the best dining, bar and restaurants the country has to offer.


Make sure you get your wheelchair serviced and scheduled for maintenance as well as any repairs needed before leaving for your next road trip.

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