Top 8 Best Wheelchair Videos

There are a variety of videos online featuring wheelchair users that are seen every day. Since there are so many amazing videos to chose from, it can be difficult to locate some of the best ones. You may even spend hours or days searching online and still manage not to see them all. Below, we have put together a list of top 8 best wheelchair videos you may have missed.

1. What it’s Like to be a Woman in a Wheelchair

Santina is a confident actress and writer living in California who provides truthful and honest answers to a variety of questions asked by the public. Santina, a New Jersey native candidly explains what it’s like to be a woman in a wheelchair. Her perspective is refreshing and entertaining. Everyone will enjoy watching this video. It is especially beneficial and inspiring for young women in wheelchairs.

There are eight specific questions that Santina answers. Not wanting to give away the entire video, there are three specific questions that touch your heart. Starting with the question “Is it offensive when people stare at you?” Santina answers a quick yes and goes further to explain the details of what type of stares she receives and which ones are acceptable or offensive.

When asked the question “What can we do as a society to better provide for those in wheelchairs?” Her response was having wheelchair users represented in television more often. While there are plenty of shows that have the occasional special wheelchair bound story line, she prefers an increased amount of story lines available for actresses that use wheelchairs.

Santina was asked “What advice would you give young women in wheelchairs in terms of what to expect when they get older?” She answered with strength and confidence that young women in wheelchairs can have dreams and make them come true. At times adjustments might need to be made but your dreams can come true. Her answer continues and is inspiring to young women and can touch the hearts of everyone.

This video is honest, straight forward and done in a way that will help non-wheelchair users improve their behavior around wheelchair users. It will eliminate awkward and uncomfortable situations for both wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users in the future.

2. Wheelchair BMX Freestyle

Aaron Fotheringham, also known as “wheelz” is an extreme wheelchair athlete. He performs worldwide demonstrating his talent and incredible skills he adapted from BMX and skateboarding. He was born with the birth defect that affects the spinal cord called Spina Bifida. This condition eventually resulted in him having no usage of his legs.

Despite his birth defect, Aaron has never let anything stop him from living life to the fullest. He realized as a young child that he can do anything anyone else can do, but he just had to find a way to do it differently. He’s a great spokesperson for never letting anything in life keep you down. His confidence, strength, positive outlook on life and his determination to succeed and accomplish every trick he sets out to try, is inspiring to others around the globe.

Aaron has become so popular that he is now a household name around the world. You can even go see him perform his extreme tricks at shows scheduled worldwide. This video shows exactly what he has accomplished as well as encourages everyone to live their life to the fullest. You can catch more of Aaron’s videos online as he continues to show off his talents and inspire others.

3. Deep Sea Diving…In a Wheelchair

Sixteen years ago, Sue Austin received a power wheelchair and found an impressive way to express her sense of freedom. This video shows thrilling underwater footage of her exploring ocean beds, floating free, drifting through schools of fish and more. She reshapes how people think about disability by performing this captivating art.

Watch Sue navigate the deep blue ocean as she explores coral rocks, fish and ocean life. Listen to her inspiring story related to being confined to a wheelchair and the way she felt about the responses she received from others around her, including strangers.

When Sue first began using her power wheelchair she felt a huge amount of freedom and soon found herself easily maneuvering around places and finally feeling the wind against her face once again. She was suddenly met with unusual responses from others. She felt great and enjoyed her sense of freedom, but others made her feel invisible, limited and restricted. This feeling got to her and she began determining her own feelings based on others assumptions about her life in a wheelchair.

Soon Sue decided to live her own story and not let others make her feel limited. She began exploring oceans and enjoying life as she deep sea dived endless times. Sue now motivates others to live without limitations and encourages people to not restrict themselves based on other people’s responses. Check out her video and become inspired!

4. 2013 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport

Cheer on extraordinary dance partners as they compete against each other for the win in2013 IPC Wheelchair Dance Sport Continents Cup competition. You will be impressed with the passion and dance moves each couple exhibits while performing to beautiful music. They are all amazing performers and it is difficult to choose just one winner.

The couples each perform on the dance floor exhibiting dances such as the cha cha and more. They are all performing simultaneously so you can observe their exquisite technique. This video is great for anyone who enjoys ballroom dancing. It inspires wheelchair users to express their emotions and talent through dance.

Even though it was difficult to choose the winners, the judges were able to narrow down the contestants and announce that Viacheslav Osipov and Galina Ryzhkova from Russia were gold medal winners and Maksin Sedakov and Svetlana Kukushkina of Russia were silver medal winners of the competition. This video inspires everyone to enjoy dancing and live life to the fullest.

5. Wheelchair Rugby Hard Hits

    This awesome video shows the hard hits that happened during the Vancouver Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament. The music is the perfect fit for this high impact video. Rugby is a free-flowing game that requires the players to have speed, strategy and strength to move the ball into the opponent’s territory. This full-contact sport is especially captivating since there is little to none protective gear used during the game.

    In 1976 Wheelchair Rugby was invented by a group of quadriplegic athletes in Winnipeg Canada. Today, Wheelchair Rugby is a team sport with female and male athletes with mobility disabilities. The sport combines aspects of sports such as ice hockey, handball and basketball. The main focus is to carry the ball across the opposing team’s goal line, with two wheels crossing the line. All competitors compete in manual wheelchairs and must meet the minimum disability requirements of the sport.

    This video will make you feel courageous, confident and strong. Easily making you feel like you can handle the hits like a pro. 

    6. Wheelchair Bungee Jump with GoPro 

      In this exciting video, Tara Weber checks off an item from her bucket list by bungee jumping while strapped to her wheelchair. Her cousins video record with a GoPro camera on her journey from preparation to the nail biting moment as they toss her over the railing.

      Tara screams with happiness as she feels completely free and surrounded by huge trees and a stream below. The expression on her face explains everything she is feeling at that moment. This video will inspire you to take risks, live for the moment and begin checking items off your bucket list.

      7. Extreme Offroad Tracked Wheelchair the Ripchair 2.0 

      This awesome video shows a wheelchair user driving the Ripchair through rough terrain, over long distances of land, in shallow water and over rocks all while in his own wheelchair. This extraordinary invention was created by Howe and Howe Tech specifically for wheelchair users. It is known as the world’s most capable and extreme tracked wheelchair.

      This video shows you how easy it is to enter, exit and use the Ripchair. It is perfect for those who hunt and love the outdoors. You even have the option to tie your kill to the convenient space at the rear of the Ripchair. It has a tough look, almost similar to a tank. The Ripchair will definitely encourage independence in the hunting field as well as allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Check out this video to see the Ripchair in action.

      8. Funny Prank in Public on Wheelchair

      This hilarious video shows a wheelchair user pretending to be sleeping with a blanket on a public sidewalk area. Concerned people nearby notice his wheelchair is rolling away as they try to stop the moving chair. The people who react quickly to help the wheelchair user to avoid disaster are hysterical to watch. The best one is the guy on the rollerblades.

      This fun video encourages everyone to have a sense of humor. After watching this video, you will most-likely think of fun ways to prank your friends, family members or even strangers using your wheelchair. 

      We hope you enjoy watching these top 8 best wheelchair videos we have put together for you. Allow them to encourage, inspire and challenge your strength in your own life. These clips certainly prove that wheelchair users are not restricted or limited, and are capable of doing anything they want in life. Wheelchair users might do things differently to accomplish certain tasks or goals, but the important thing is that you do it your own way and live your life to the fullest!

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