Valentine’s Day Tips for Wheelchair Users

The most romantic and loving holiday of the year is Valentine’s Day and it is right around the corner. Whether you will be spending it with your long-time love or a special someone you just met, the day should be memorable. While some wheelchair users may already have dates, others may be searching to meet someone special to spend Valentine’s with and possibly beyond. The following tips for wheelchair users will guide you on your journey to fulfilling your Valentine’s Day wishes.

Steps to Finding Love for Wheelchair Users

Searching for love can seem overwhelming, especially if you feel rushed to have a date for Valentine’s Day. However, it is possible and there are a few steps that will help you achieve your goal of spending Valentine’s Day with a special someone.

  • Ask Out Your Crush – Do you already have someone in your life that you have a major crush on and you are too shy to say something? This is the perfect time of year to shake off your nerves and ask your crush on a date.
  • Think Positive – The power of positive thinking and the law of attraction can work in your favor all year long, but especially near Valentine’s Day. Think about the type of person you desire to be with and all of the attributes they have. Keep this thought in your mind frequently and the feeling of how happy you will feel when you are with them.
  • Make a Plan – This sounds business like but it is a great strategic approach to dating. Plan a few days a week to dedicate to your search for love. If you are hoping to meet someone that has special interests that match yours such as the love of art, attend gallery openings and special events at your local art museums and galleries. This gives you more of an opportunity to meet the special someone that has the same hobby and interest as you.
  • Take Action – When you do meet the special someone, take action. Don’t hesitate and think maybe you will see the person again. Ask them if they are busy for Valentine’s Day and see how they answer. If they don’t have plans, ask them to join you.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for Wheelchair Users

Depending on the stage of your relationship you will want to plan either a romantic, fun, casual or active date. It is up to you to determine what is best suited for your relationship. The following are excellent ideas for a Valentine’s Day date for wheelchair users.

  • Romantic Dinner and a Movie – This type of date can be at home or out on the town. You can choose to dine at a romantic style restaurant and enjoy a movie at your local cinema. Or, you can have a romantic evening at home by cooking a special meal for the one you love and cuddle up on the sofa and watch a movie.
  • Concert – Do you and your date love music? Attend a concert of your favorite band or singer.
  • Outdoor Events – Some couples enjoy being outdoors. Plan a romantic picnic at your favorite park, lake or beach. Bring along your favorite dishes in a picnic basket or order take-out from your favorite restaurant and bring it to the park with you. Don’t forget a special bottle of wine to pair with your meal.
  • Wine Tours – Are you a wine enthusiast that enjoys visiting vineyards? Attending a wine tasting at a vineyard is a great way to spend time together while enjoying savory wines and delicious appetizers. Plus many vineyards have a romantic setting that overlooks the vineyard. A special evening watching the sunset over the beautiful land while sipping wine is an excellent option for those looking to do something serene, relaxing and romantic.
  • Cooking Classes – Do you like to cook or maybe need a lesson in cooking? Take your date and yourself to a cooking class taught by professional chefs as your prepare gourmet meals while you build up an appetite for romance.

If you both love to travel and the timing in your relationship is perfect for a romantic getaway, make your Valentine’s Day extra special by taking a road trip or whisking your love away to a romantic destination for a several days. Whatever you decide to do for Valentine’s Day this year, make sure you don’t forget chocolates, flowers and candles. These items are some of the most popular things wheelchair users can do to make your Valentine's Day special for someone to feel appreciated and loved.


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