KD Smart Chair is giving a free chair to Kanye West’s ashamed concert fan

Kanye West’s controversial remarks towards a wheelchair bound fan at his concert at the Sydney Credit Union Arena, has captured worldwide attention and criticism. KD Smart Chair, USA based wheelchair company would like to offer a complimentary electric wheelchair to the ashamed fan that was singled out at the Kanye West concert in Sydney Australia. While the fan has remained anonymous, people at KD Smart Chair are hoping the fan will accept their gesture of goodwill and accept the gift. The KD Smart Chair weighs only 50 pounds, folds in seconds and offers comfortable seating.

While Kanye is known for his rants and at times, shocking behavior, what happened at the concert has many fans and others disappointed. There is now video evidence of the incident of Kanye singling out a wheelchair bound fan circulating online. The video shows Kanye West performing his hit song Good Life and then suddenly stopping the music and insisting that the concert audience stand up. Kanye insisted that he wouldn’t continue until every fan in the arena was on their feet. While this is most likely a routine part of his concert meant to get concert goes excited and to feel like part of the show, what happens next is what sparks the controversy.

Kanye notices that two fans are not standing and actually brings direct attention to them. While one of them allegedly waves their prosthetic limb at him, he approvingly says ‘ok, your fine’, and the other fan remains seated. Kanye went on to complain that ‘this is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable’.

Instead of Kanye just going on with the show, he goes as far to send a member of his security team over to the fan who has remained seated, to confirm that the fan is actually in a wheelchair. The spotlight remains on the area where the fan is seated, while the crowd surrounding him motions and yells to Kanye that the fan is indeed wheelchair bound. Even though Kanye received verbal disapproval during the incident, he still waited until confirmation came from his security guard. When he finally got the confirmation he immediately said ‘He’s in a wheelchair? It’s fine’, and proceeded with the popular song and the crowd began dancing and cheering.

The Kanye West concert incident in Sydney has raised awareness to wheelchair users who are forced to living life on the sidelines. While many people would rather this incident didn’t happen at all, the positive side is that it has sparked awareness and attention worldwide. Kanye West’s actions and behavior was un-called for and an apology to the wheelchair bound fan should have been made either privately or publicly.

To the ashamed wheelchair-bound fan that attended Kanye’s West concert, we would like to offer you our free electric wheelchair for your inconvenience you had experienced that night. Please contact us to arrange the shipping of your chair. http://kdsmartchair.com/pages/contact-us

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