Are you having mobility issues that are making it difficult for you to visit your favorite places like grocery stores, shopping malls, parks, outdoor events or even your friends and loved ones? The new electric wheelchair from KD Smart Chair may be just what you're missing to help you regain your mobility and assist you getting around freely! 

KD Smart Chair has been reviewed and approved by The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Our electric wheelchair has also been featured on CBS's The Doctors Show. 

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Join thousands of people who have regained their mobility and got their independence back with our KD Smart Chair power wheelchairs. 

What makes our lightweight, portable and folding power wheelchair the future of personal mobility? 

Weighs only 50 pounds and supports passengers weight of up to 265 pounds
Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet
Lithium Ion battery can travel up to 15 miles
FDA cleared medical device
More compact in size than traditional wheelchairs and fits virtually anywhere
Removable seat and seat cover
Dual wheel brushless motors that are more efficient than brushed motors
Joystick can be mounted on left or right side arm rest
Our powered wheelchair costs less than any of its competitors
Perfect for travel and airline approved 
Requires almost no maintenance and can be easily serviced
Ships directly from Florida and comes fully assembled


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No other electric wheelchair on the market compares to our features! All of our power chairs ship directly from Florida and come fully assembled.  

We Do Not Accept Medicare, Medicaid or Insurance

KD Smart Chair Has Been Featured in: 

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation review KD Smart Chair. Watch here.

Our electric wheelchair has been featured on CBS's The Doctors Show. Watch here.

"The KD Smart Chair is revolutionizing travel mobility for many, including complex rehab power chair users." New Mobility Magazine. April 1st, 2016

"The KD Smart Chair is the best option for a compact wheelchair." TopTenReviews

“The KD Smart Chair’s features are, well, smart.” Innovation & Tech Today. Summer 2015

"An Electric Powered Wheelchair Designed With Convenience In Mind." VeryWell. December 30, 2017

View Pictures of Satisfied KD Smart Chair Users

3 Time Indianapolis 500 Winner Legend "Uncle" Bobby Unser using KD Smart Chair

Three Time Indianapolis 500 Winner Legend "Uncle" Bobby Unser using KD Smart Chair. 

Jennifer Brea using her KD Smart Chair giving the highest-rated talk at the 2016 TED Summit in Banff, Canada. Jennifer is health activist, filmmaker, Unrest director, #MEAction co-founder and TED Talker.

Verified Reviews From TrustPilot

Read our verified Trustpilot reviews from past customers who have purchased KD Smart Chair power wheelchairs. 


Testimonials From Our Happy Customers

I have ordered my new smart chair for a little over a month now and can't be any happier. This chair helps me get around and allows me to do things again that I couldn't before. It's easy to fold and unfold and I learned how to use this chair within few days. I love being outside when it's nice out and the chair has made that possible for me. Thank you for giving me my life back and I would recommend this chair. 

-- Steven N., Austin, TX

I wanted a personal mobility aid that is lightweight, can be folded for storage in my car trunk, and is easy to use. Your chair does it all. Thanks!

-- Jerome H., Charleston, SC

After doing my research and I decided to purchase your chair instead of the scooters that do not fold. I am no longer stuck inside my home and can do things again. Your wheelchair really has changed my life for the better and I would like to thank you by writing this letter.

-- Meriam N., Brooklyn, NY

I got hurt on my job and had issues walking long distances without being in pain. Purchasing your kd smart chair has allowed me be independent and not rely so much on my wife and family members for help. I can do things on my own! The chair is sturdy and built tough. I am grateful for your wonderful product and your customer service.

-- Jonathan L., Boca Raton, FL

I needed a new wheelchair that can be transported and put inside my trunk when I travel. I was lucky enough to find your wheelchair while browsing through list of companies. It's perfect for traveling and makes my life so much easier. I had those bulky scooters that are heavy and needed a lift. No more. Love this chair.

-- Joann B., Rumson, NJ

I needed an electric wheelchair for my mother that is compact, easy to use with a powerful battery life. I saw positive reviews about your chair and decided to purchase it online. You guys delivered it within 3 business days. My mom learned how to use it fairly quickly and it helped her with her walking issues since she has rheumatoid arthritis. My mom and I are satisfied with our purchase.

-- Roger K., San Mateo, CA

Join thousands of satisfied customers who purchased their KD Smart Chair. Order yours today! 
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Whether you're looking for a new electric power wheelchair, mobility scooter or simply want to have a more convenient way to get around on a daily basis, we invite you to try our KD Smart Chair. We know you will love it!

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