Welcome to our side by side comparison of the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD vs. Smart Chair. If you are interested in the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD, we have some valuable information below about this product that you should know about. We feel that the Smart Chair is the best electric wheelchair because it is light weight, compact, easy to use and very affordable when compared to the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD and it's offerings.

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The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD looks like an ordinary manual style wheelchair that has been converted to a powered model. Unfortunately, the conversion kit used contains old style components which add to the weight of the chair tremendously. While it is not the heaviest chair we've examined, it is quite heavy coming in at 146 pounds (66.2 kilograms) when the batteries are attached. The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD does fold for better storage capabilities, however, it's design is not very intuitive and therefore it is still quite bulky. Although it is cheaper than most powered wheelchairs, we feel that this is because it is a manual electric wheelchair that has simply been converted to one with a power drive. Let's take a look at how it compares to the Smart Chair.

Smart Chair

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus HD

Device Weight:

50 pounds (23 kilograms) with battery.

146 pounds (66.2 kilograms) with battery. Base weighs 90 pounds (40.8 kilograms), and battery weighs 56 pounds (25.4 kilograms).


Unfolded: 38.2 inches x 23.2 inches x 33.1 inches
(97 centimeters x 59 centimeters x 84 centimeters)
Folded: 13 inches x 23.2 inches x 29.5 inches
(33 centimeters x 59 centimeters x 75 centimeters)

41 inches x 28 inches x 37 inches
(104.1 centimeters x 71.1 centimeters x 94 centimeters)
Folded dimensions not found. We presume it folds flat and length and width dimensions stay the same.

Seat Size:

15.25 inches wide x 16.75 inches long (38.7 centimeters wide x 42.5 centimeters long). Seating area can actually accomodate up to 18 inches wide (45.7 centimeters.)

22 inches wide x 16 inches long (55.9 centimeters x 40.6 centimeters)

Turn Radius:

31.5 inches (80 centimeters)

35 inches (88.9 centimeters.)


3.75 miles per hour (6 kilometers per hour)

5 miles per hour (8 kilometers per hour.)


Powerful motor climbs hills of up to 12 degrees with ease and can come to a complete stop on an incline or decline. Anti-Tilt Technology prevents it from rolling backwards so you're always safe.

Motor can only handle hills with up to 6 degrees of an incline.


Does not require a car lift. Can be lifted by anyone with reasonable upper body strength.

Requires a car lift. Most people, even with reasonable upper body strength, will not be able to lift it without support of a car lift.


When folded, easily fits in any car/SUV trunk. Can be stored virtually anywhere including in closets, under most bed frames.

Since it can not be folded, it can not be stored in a car/SUV trunk. Will fit in the corner of a room.


Durable, solid construction. Carries passengers, from children to adults, weighing 250 pounds (115 kilograms.)

Because of it's heavy weight, it can carry passengers weighing up to 400 pounds (181.4 kilograms.)


Lasts for up to 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) of continuous use per battery charge. Battery charges from empty to full in 5 hours.

Lasts for up to 10 miles (16 kilometers) but that distance is reduced based on the weight of passenger, inclines and terrain.


Get going in about 10 minutes. Take it out of the box, unfold, insert batteries, plug in & attach the joystick, start it up and go.

Depending on where it is purchased, it may come pre-assembled. Most times some assembly is required and a toolkit may be required.


Handles indoor areas effortlessly. Has a small turning radius. Works great on flat areas and light outdoors. Perfect for going to the store, or riding around shopping malls. Can be taken to outdoor markets, sporting events and most parks and recreational areas.

Accomplishes most indoor mobility requirements. Some doorways and hallways may be tight to fit through because of its size and turn radius. Handles simple outdoor mobility fairly, such as paved sidewalks & flat surfaces, but may be limited as to the terrains it can roll on.


Customers love their Smart Chair because it is extremely light weight, very affordable. They love using their Smart Chair and it has improved their mobility and quality of life.

Testimonials are mixed. Some of the biggest complaints from customers is the size, weight and cost.