Now you can customize your power wheelchair with our new accessories so that you have all the comforts and convenience at your reach. You may want to add a cup holder, flashlight, phone carrying case tablet mount and much more! Whether your wheelchair has been part of your life for a long time and needs some sprucing up or you just got your wheelchair and you want to add personal touches accessories are the perfect solution. While there are a variety of wheelchair accessories, the following are some of the most popular.

Cup Holder

This cup holder holds standard size cups of your favorite soda can, soda bottle, coffee mugs and more. You can attach it to the right or left arm rest. This cup holder will allow you to be hands free so you can drive your wheelchair in any direction you need without spilling your favorite drink.


This accessory is actually very important and beneficial while finding your way through dark parking lots and other areas. You just mount the flashlight onto your wheelchair and point it in the direction you need. It allows you to see clearer at night.

Phone Carrying Case

Today, almost everyone has a cell phone. It has become a necessity for everyday life for many people. It is also convenient for emergency situations. This special phone carrying case fits Android and iPhone devices easily. You can mount the case anywhere on your armrest that is easy for you to gain access.

Mesh Carrier 

Your KD Smart Chair most-likely has a mesh carrier, but this is a great replacement item that fits perfectly under the seat of your wheelchair.

Smart Chair Batteries

Your KD Smart Chair can’t work without its batteries. Make sure you always have plenty available to keep your chair running in top condition. These batteries come as a set of two and have a capacity of 10 Ampere-Hours with an output voltage of 24 V DC. While your KD Smart Chair arrives with one battery, you can purchase more for extra power.

Travel Luggage Case

Get prepared for your next adventure by purchasing the KD Smart Chair Travel Luggage Case for your wheelchair. This special case will accommodate you as you travel around the world by plane, bus, train, car, cruise ship and plane. It protects your investment from dents, scratches and other incidents that may arise. You will travel in style with this travel luggage case that reduces strain and stress due to its convenient rolling wheels, hand lift and smooth dragging abilities.

Universal Tablet Wheelchair Mount

Let’s face it, your tablet is almost like a best friend. You enjoy checking emails, conducting business, playing games and much more. If you and your tablet are inseparable you will enjoy this Universal Tablet Wheelchair Mount. It is perfect for tablets that are 7 to 12 inches and is capable of keeping your Nexus, Galaxy or iPad at a perfect angle for use on any occasion. It swivels 360 degrees and can easily transition from landscape to portrait mode without having to remove it from the mount. It’s also easy to install.

Seat Cushion

The seat cushion of your wheelchair is one of the most important accessories you can have for comfort. The KD Smart Chair seat cushion is durable, supportive, comfortable and comes with a seat cover that is easily removable and washable. It is wise to change your seat cushion at first signs of discomfort or at least a few times per year.


You drive your wheelchair with the joystick and you may need a replacement from time to time. You have the opportunity to place the KD Smart Chair mountable joystick controller on either the right or left side of your wheelchair armrest. It is a dual-drive brushless rocker controller joystick that has 180W*2 of input power and an DC 24V/12A*2 input current voltage. This controller helps you begin, turn, stop and drive your KD Smart Chair in any direction and at any speed you wish.

These popular accessories for your power wheelchair will bring you convenience, comfort and a variety of benefits such as easy access to your favorite cup of coffee, your tablet, a comfortable seat and much more! While these are the most popular items in our shop, there are also plenty more accessories available and more are added frequently. Customize your wheelchair to perfection with these great KD Smart Chair accessories today! You may also call us at 877-827-6278 to find out what new accessories we have in stock for your chair.