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Visiting Disney World in a Wheelchair

The happiest place on earth makes vacation easier for wheelchair users. Walt Disney World focuses their attention on making all of their guests happy and comfortable, including wheelchair users. As a wheelchair user, you will find that Disney has put extreme thought into making things perfect for their guests. You will have access to everything from wheelchair accessible hotel rooms to wheelchair rentals at the parks and much more. The following details will help you visit Disney World in a wheelchair and make your trip more enjoyable.

Wheelchair Friendly Hotels

Disney resort hotels including the All-Star Value Resorts, Moderate, Deluxe and Deluxe Villas all have wheelchair-accessible rooms and bathrooms. The hotels have elevators and ramps to make things more convenient to arrive at your room hassle free. They also have rooms that accommodate service animals. Other wheelchair friendly hotels nearby include The Buena Vista Palace Hotel and Spa, Hilton Hotels and Resorts and Buena Vista Suites. The Lake Buena Vista area has plenty of other hotels to choose from as well. Remember when making reservations at a non-Disney hotel to inquire about wheelchair accessibility and accommodations.

Disney Accommodations

Accommodations for wheelchair users at Disney Resort hotels include roll-in showers, shower benches, wider bathroom doors, hand-held shower heads, bathroom rails, portable toilets, accessible vanities, open frame beds, rubber bed pads, lower beds, bed rails, phone alerts, door knock alerts, double peep holes in hotel doors, and designated parking areas for guests with disabilities.

Disney Transportation

Once you enter through the gates of Walt Disney World you will notice all of the transportation systems available including the Disney bus system. These buses follow a strict route which takes you to a variety of Disney theme parks, hotels and other places on the property. The buses arrive at the stop every 15 minutes for your convenience. Each bus is equipped with wheelchair lifts and ramps that accommodate a variety of wheelchair styles and sizes. Another popular method of transportation on the Disney property is the Monorail system. Wheelchair users can access the Monorail by using the elevators and ramps located near the Monorail.

Wheelchair Rentals

Guests are encouraged to bring their own wheelchair. However, if you find that you need access to a temporary wheelchair, Disney has plenty of courtesy wheelchairs to offer you. It is a first-come, first-serve basis, but they do their best to have a good supply available at all times. The Disney wheelchairs are meant for guests that have limited mobility and need assistance to go from one location to the other within a theme park. Keep in mind that rental wheelchairs are not allowed to be transferred from theme park to theme park. There are a variety of wheelchair rental locations throughout the Disney property including, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom Park, Blizzard Beach Water Park, Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, Downtown Disney, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and a variety of Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. It's a good idea to bring your own wheelchair instead of renting and using the one they provide you on the premises. KD Smart Chair offers two models of their lightweight power wheelchairs that can be folded in seconds and weigh only 50 pounds. Due to their compact size and weight support, they are perfect for travel and storage. 

Wheelchair Accessible Rides

The following list of Disney rides allows you to remain in your wheelchair at all times.

Access to the Park

When staying off Disney property you can drive your own vehicle to the parks. However, if you are staying at a Disney hotel you can use wheelchair accessible transportation such as the Disney bus, Monorail and steamboat system. The buses have a standard lift measuring 32” x 48.” There are elevators and ramps available for the Monorail. Plus the steamboat has Disney cast members awaiting your arrival and eager to help you board and depart the boat.


Wheelchair users wait in the same lines as the other guests. On occasion, you will be guided to enter the attraction through a separate entrance. As you approach the front of the line, the Disney cast member will guide you to the best suited entrance for you. You can also use your Guest Assistance Card to bypass the regular line by showing it to the Disney cast member working at the entrance of the specific ride. When the time arises that you are required to enter through the auxiliary entrance, you can bring up to 5 companions with you through the entrance, the remaining members of your party will have to go through the regular line. If you have a disability that prevents you from waiting in the regular line you can inquire about the Disability Access Service. This service is also known as DAS and allows you to schedule a return time that is comparable to the current queue wait time. You can go and enjoy the rest of the park and return to the ride at the specified reservation time.

Wheelchair Friendly Restaurants

The food courts and restaurants located in Disney resort hotels, theme parks, downtown Disney and locations throughout the property are wheelchair accessible. However, some of the quick snack counter service stations that are located throughout the parks have narrow lines that cause difficulty for some wheelchairs. If you ever have trouble accessing a wheelchair friendly restaurant or line, you can ask for assistance from a Disney cast member. They will assist you with your order and bring it to your table for you.

Helpful Tips

Below is a list of helpful tips for wheelchair-bound people to make their stay at Disney World the most enjoyable.

Disney World is dedicated to making your experience as easy as possible and they do their best to provide superior service to every guest. Disney has worked hard to create an easy and enjoyable experience for guests who use a wheelchair. During your visit to theme parks, restaurants, attractions and hotels on the property you will find that it’s easier to get around and Disney lacks the common obstacles you face out in the real world. Disney World has managed to relieve every day discomfort and stress for wheelchair users so you can focus on what truly matters, having fun. Follow the above tips and guidelines when visiting Disney World in a wheelchair and you will have the best vacation and have your dreams come true!