U.S Dept of Education Funding States for Special Education Training

State education departments in Oregon, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nebraska, Mississippi, Louisiana and Colorado are receiving grants ranging from $530,000 to $1.5 million. The United States Department of Education is planning to use the funding towards training administrators and teachers that serve children with disabilities.

The U.S. department of education announced it will also send $7 million to several states in hopes to improve professional development. The main focus of training is going to be on transition services, special education, and early intervention. A variety of projects is also being developed for general education curriculum for students with disabilities, retaining special education teachers and recruiting more teachers.

States were notified that qualification for the funding included partnering with a resource such as a parent training program, state university or college and at least one school district. This is essential to implementing the professional development program the funds are secured to assist.

According to John King, United States Secretary of Education, “It’s critical that we support the nation’s educators and elevate the teaching profession.” The goal is to provide encouragement and support for strong principal and teacher preparation.

The funds are expected to help teachers and education leaders to exceed expectations and provide disabled and special needs children with a strong education. Children are disabled for a variety of reasons. Most purposes do not affect the ability to learn. It isn’t appropriate to hold back a student’s education because of their physical limitations.

Students enrolled in special education programs located throughout the United States are receiving a mediocre education. The U.S. Department of Education wants to change and improve the situation. It’s time special needs children are provided with the best education possible.

Special education teachers are often the most passionate about their student’s well-being and education. These teachers are often overwhelmed with class sizes and the meeting the needs of students. A few assistants in addition to the teacher often remedy the situation and reduce stress on the teacher.

The stress that a special education teacher endures during their career can feel catastrophic at times. Trying to meet the demands of special needs students and provide a good education is at the top of every teacher’s list of priorities and responsibilities.

Research has revealed teachers often quit their job due to overwhelming stress they endure while teaching special education. The funds are provided to improve professional development. This is to help improve the confidence and skills of special education teachers. In addition, teacher retention will play a large part to protect the U.S. Department of Education’s investment in each state.

Qualified states have already received notice of approval. The necessary steps to meet requirements should already be established before the special education training for teachers begins. Each state will be monitored and expected to produce a progress report regarding the new program.

Education leaders in other states are hoping the program succeeds and the U.S. Department of Education will provide the same opportunity to other states in the future.

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