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People in Wheelchairs to Follow on Social Media [Infographic]

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on February 18, 2016. 0 Comments

Society has a variety of myths and misconceptions about wheelchair users. Unfortunately, some of these views are negative towards those with mobility issues. The truth is, wheelchair users are human and they are capable of achieving the same goals as able-bodied people. Luckily, social media has given society the chance to be exposed to fascinating wheelchair users such as inspirational speakers, influential bloggers, TV celebrities, athletes, disability advocates and more. We would like to present an infographic and you are encouraged to follow the inspirational wheelchair people listed below.

Stephen Hawking

Who is he:

Professor Stephen Hawking has lived with MND for more than 40 years. Doctors didn’t expect Professor Hawking to live past the age of 21 due to his diagnosis of ALS. Hawking has impressed the medical community with his will to live. Hawking lives his life to the fullest in spite of his condition. He is unable to walk, talk and hold up his head in an upright position.

Why you should follow Stephen Hawking:

Hawking is an internationally renowned Physicist that generously shares his intellectual and sometimes humorous thoughts and views through captivating posts.

Social Media Profile:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stephenhawking


Nick Vujicic

Who is he:

Nick Vujicic is an international YouTube sensation and motivational speaker. He sheds light on life’s issues. He inspires others by example. He lives his life to the fullest with tetra-amelia syndrome, which means he was born without limbs.

Why you should follow Nick Vujicic:

Vujicic is a New York Times best-selling author. He shares his passion, strength and courage for life by sharing his inspirational story. His motivational quotes are widely accepted and known throughout a variety of social media outlets.

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NickVujicic

Website: http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NickVujicicTV


Steve Wilkinson

Who is he:

Steve Wilkinson is a trainer and inspirational speaker who helps those with mobility issues and disabilities. Wilkinson is the founder of International Wheelchair Day.

Why you should follow Steve Wilkinson:

Wilkinson is focused on creating an accessible world for wheelchair users. His passion for this cause encourages others to take notice of the issues in society.

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wheelchairsteve

Website: http://wheelchairsteve.com


John Charles Hockenberry

Who is he:

John Charles Hockenberry is an Emmy Award winning American journalist. A car accident that caused a spinal cord injury has caused him to use a wheelchair since the age of 19.

Why you should follow John Charles Hockenberry:

Hockenberry shares his passion with others by posting his thoughts and intriguing information regarding racial and political issues on a daily basis.

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jhockenberry

Website: http://www.thetakeaway.org


Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham

Who is he:

Fotheringham has spina bifida and has been using a wheelchair since the age of three. He is known as “Wheelz” around the world as he performs tricks adapted from skateboarding and BMX performances.

Why you should follow Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham:

Fotheringham shares exciting updates, daily news, updates, videos and more that will keep you captivated for hours. Fotheringham sets an excellent example for others and inspires others to get out of their comfort zone.

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AaronWheelz

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wcmx4life

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AaronFotheringham

Website: http://www.aaronfotheringham.com/


Santina Muha

Who is she:

Muha is an American writer, actress, public speaker, comedian, host, and media consultant. Muha has been using a wheelchair since she was five years old when a car accident left her paralyzed.

Why you should follow Santina Muha:

Muha used her wit and humor to share entertaining posts on a daily basis. She shares her unique views about the world and discusses a variety of issues.

Social Media Profiles:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/santinamuha

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/santina.muha


Itzhak Perlman

Who is he:

Perlman is an Israeli-American conductor and professional violinist. Perlman had polio during his childhood which left his legs permanently paralyzed since the age of four.

Why you should follow Itzhak Perlman:

Itzhak shares his thoughts, music and wisdom in daily posts and videos on social media. His sense of humor keeps readers laughing as well as entertained.

Social Media Profiles:






Tatyana McFadden

Who is she:

McFadden is a Russian-born United Paralympian athlete who competes in the T54 category for the United States. She has won 10 medals and is expected to continue to earn more in the future. McFadden has enjoyed a successful career attending multiple Summer Paralympic Games.

Why you should follow Tatyana McFadden:

McFadden shares her achievements and passion for life through her high-spirited posts on social media.

Social Media Profiles:





Ade Adepitan

Who is he:

Adepitan is a British wheelchair basketball player. He contracted polio in childhood which causes him to lose the use of his left leg causing Adepitan to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Why you should follow Ade Adepitan: 

Adepitan shares exciting and fun posts about his daily routine, life, career, and adventures. His passion for life is well-known by fans and readers of his personal posts on social media outlets.

Social Media Profiles:





Tanni Grey-Thompson

Who is she:

Thompson is Great Britain’s most successful parliamentarian. She is a former wheelchair racer and television presenter. Thompson has been using a wheelchair since her childhood in Cardiff, Whales.

Why you should follow Tanni Grey-Thompson:

Thompson shares her passion for sports and other athletes. She shares her unique views about athleticism and life through posts and pictures on various social media outlets.

Social Media Profiles:




Joni Eareckson Tada

Who is she:

Tada is an evangelical Christian author and radio host. She was paralyzed due to a diving accident that left her unable to use her legs and hands. Tada is the founder of the Joni and Friends organization.

Why you should follow Joni Eareckson Tada:

Tada shares her inspirational views about the world and how to achieve your goals with a disability. Her daily posts on social media fill readers with peace and inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Social Media Profiles:



Daryl Mitchell

Who is he:

Mitchell was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2001, which left him paralyzed from the waist down. He is best known as an actor who has starred in numerous movie and television roles. Mitchell is a well-known advocate for minorities with spinal cord injuries. He has also created a foundation named the “Daryl Mitchell Foundation.”

Why you should follow Daryl Mitchell:

Mitchell shares humorous daily posts regarding his upcoming acting roles, interests, celebrity friends and his foundation.

Social Media Profiles:



Cory Lee

Who is he:

Lee is a well-traveled wheelchair user who is determined to visit every continent in the world. He is a college graduate who shares his exciting travel experiences.

Why you should follow Cory Lee:

Lee keeps readers captivated with in-depth details about his travels as well as shares pictures and tips related to each travel destination.

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CurbFree

Twitter: https://twitter.com/coryleetweets

Website: http://www.curbfreewithcorylee.com/


Esther Vergeer

Who is she:

Vergeer is a Dutch Paralympic athlete who won 42 Grand Slam tennis tournaments and 7 titles. She experienced numerous strokes due vascular myelopathy. Vergeer underwent a nine-hour operation that caused her to lose the use of her legs.

Why you should follow Esther Vergeer:

Vergeer shares entertaining posts about wheelchair tennis and other information related to sports.

Social Media Profiles:




Teal Sherer

Who is she:

Sherer is an advocate for the inclusion of performers with disabilities in the entertainment industry. She is a well-known actress who broke her back when she was 14 years old in a car accident causing her to become a paraplegic.

Why you should follow Teal Sherer:

Sherer dedicates her social media posts to sharing her experiences about acting jobs, family and more.

Social Media Profiles:





Sue Austin

Who is she:

Austin became a wheelchair user due to an extended illness. In spite of her limitations, Austin pushed forward by living her life to the fullest. She inspires others as she scuba dives with her innovative underwater wheelchair creating beautiful visual art.

Why you should follow Sue Austin:

Austin shares videos, pictures and social media posts that encourage others to challenge the way they see people with disabilities.

Social Media Profiles:





Tamara Mena

Who is she:

Mena was involved in a car accident with her boyfriend who did not survive. Mena was paralyzed due to the accident. She began to look at life with more appreciation after coming so close to dying.

Why you should follow Tamara Mena:

Mena encourages others by sharing her appreciation for life through her daily social media posts. She shares her thoughts, videos, and pictures that encourage strength and courage in others.

Social Media Profiles:






Whether you are a wheelchair user or not, you will surely be inspired by the influential people on this list. Reading their daily entertaining posts will help broaden acceptance in society for wheelchair users. Informational social media posts will also allow the world to see how wheelchair users live their life as well as achieve their life goals. Eventually, society will begin to see the people in the wheelchair, instead of focusing on the wheelchair itself.

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