Lego Releases First-Ever Figurine in a Wheelchair


A spokesperson for Lego has confirmed they will be releasing a mini-figure in a wheelchair for the first time in the company’s history this June. KD Smart Chair applause this news since there have been a multitude of efforts calling for figurines with disabilities to be incorporated into the Lego brand. One major effort comes from Rebecca Atkinson who is based in London. She created a petition that received more than 20,000 signatures calling for action regarding this matter.

As soon as new photos of the figurine emerged after the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany, Atkinson stated “We’ve got genuine tears of joy right now.” There are other toy companies that have mini-figurines, however the power of the Lego brand adding it to their successful Lego sets is a huge win for the disability community and society. Lego has surely brought happiness to 150 million children with disabilities and their parents with this historical change.

According to Michael McNally, a spokesman for Lego, the company has offered a LEGO Duplo wheelchair and buildable wheelchairs in the past, however this is the first time Lego has offered it as a molded mini-figure. McNally stated: “The mini-figure will be part of the Lego City “Fun at the Park Set” expected to go on sale this year.”

Lego is one of the largest and most recognized toy brands worldwide. The fact they are going to offer a wheelchair molded figurine is going to help change cultural perceptions. Children who have disabilities will have joy seeing themselves depicted in their toys and children who don’t have disabilities will most-likely become familiar with wheelchairs, which will help improve the overall outlook in society as they grow up. The Lego brand has a large influence in society and it is a relief to see they are taking a large step forward when it comes to incorporating people with disabilities into their toys.

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