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Top 15 Pimped Out Wheelchairs

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on August 23, 2015. 0 Comments

Your wheelchair is an extension of your body and your right to express your personality by pimping out your wheelchair is becoming increasingly popular. Gone are the days of the plain chairs and it’s time to welcome in the most unique and customized wheelchairs you have ever seen. We have gathered a list of the top 15 pimped out wheelchairs below. These awesome chairs may give you a few ideas of how you can customize and modify your own chair.

1. Tank Wheelchair

Source: Cracked.com

Jim Starr decided to take matters into his own hands so he can spend more time outdoors with his wife and children, by being able to conquer any harsh terrain in his wheelchair. This customized wheelchair is motorized and can reach speeds up to 12 kilometers per hour.

2. Tricked Out Wheelchair

Source: ghettoredhot.com


This tricked out wheelchair is made for comfort and luxury. It has rims, comfortable and colorful seating, state-of-the-art speakers and stereo system.

3. Solar Power Wheelchair

Source: hdinspiration.com


This wheelchair harnesses the power of the sun. It has two large solar panels attached to the back of the chair and to the roof to provide shade and protection from the outside debris. Now you can simply charge your batteries by tapping into the free energy of the sun.

4. Artistic Custom Painted Wheelchair

Source: Flickr.com 


Allow your creativity to flow as you paint and create your own artistic and colorful wheelchair. If you lack art skills or creativity, you can contact a local artist to create a one-of-a-kind pimped out wheelchair especially for you.

5. Patriotic Wheelchair

Source: Flickr.com 

This patriotic powered wheelchair is pimped out with the American flags, figurines, protection from the elements and a convienint box for storage. If you look closely, you will see red flashlights as headlights for night time excursions. It is also decorated for the holidays.

6. Diamond Wheelchair

Source: Pinterest


This diamond-studded wheelchair proves diamonds are a girls best friend. You will feel glamorous and get plenty of attention in this dazzling pimped out wheelchair.

7. 24 Karat Gold Wheelchair

Source: therundown.tv

Lady Gaga does everything with style, including using a wheelchair. While she may have only needed it temporarily, she managed to pimp out this wheelchair with 24 karat gold accents, black padded seating and leg rest, plus a canopy to protect her from the outside elements.

8. Steampunk Wheelchair

Source: pixelgeek.com

This incredible pimped out wheelchair looks like a flying machine. It’s made with household items and even has a working chandelier.

9. Underwater Wheelchair

Source: fiboni.com

Sue Austin created this underwater wheelchair that allows her to go scuba diving in the ocean and even explore the ocean floor.

10. The 35 MPH Wheelchair

Source: hdinspiration.com 

This custom made tricked out wheelchair can reach speeds up to 35 mph. It also comes with safety measures so it safe and visible by others.

11. Race Car Inspired Wheelchair

Source: coolthings.com

This awesome wheelchair has a race car inspired comfortable seat, harness and mag wheels. The vibrant color and unique design allows you to go about your day in style.

12. Motorcycle Wheelchair

Source: wheelchairmotorcycle.com 

You can turn your motorcycle into a mobility device with a kit specifically made to allow wheelchair users to enjoy riding a motorcycle again. You are capable of driving the motorcycle directly from your wheelchair.

13. Powertrike Wheelchair

Source: trendhunter.com

This pimped out wheelchair is combined with a bicycle. Enjoy the stability of your wheelchair with the added benefit of riding a bicycle. This model even includes a water bottle holder.

14. Recliner Wheelchair

Source: hdinspiration.com

This wheelchair is a combination of your favorite recliner combined with the convenience of your power wheelchair. The flame decorations add an extra touch and the vibrant red leather seat allows you to go about your day in style and comfort.

15. Speedster Wheelchair

Source: hdinspiration.com 

This mean looking power wheelchair is pimped out with awesome tires, rims, chrome accents and a comfortable seat.

These inspiring tricked out wheelchairs encourages wheelchair users to express your unique personality and custom make wheelchairs to suit your lifestyle. Whether you add a little paint, or custom made seat and tires, it’s up to you to pimp out your wheelchair however you desire to make it stand out from the rest. 

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