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Ankle Fusion Recovery Best Practices

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on May 19, 2015. 0 Comments

When it comes to ankle fusion recovery best practices, you might think you have everything figured out. You’re planning on laying on the couch in front of your best TV and catching up on your favorite shows. You’ve limited the number of errands you need to do during your recovery period so you won’t have to experience any jostling pain as you run around. And you’re certainly not going to exercise while you’re recovering from your ankle fusion. After all, that’s just a recipe for disaster…right?

Actually, ankle fusion recover best practices often focus on giving your injured foot as much exercise as possible. The key difference between “working out” and exercising your foot is that you’ll want to use specific techniques that have been designed to strengthen and promote healing.

Want to get your hands on these exercises? Well, you’ve just found them – take a look at our ankle fusion recovery best practices.

Foot and Ankle Circles

Immediately following your ankle fusion procedure, you might find it difficult to place any weight on your injured foot. That’s why it’s best to start your ankle fusion recovery off by gently performing foot and ankle circles. These can be done from the couch or chair, so you don’t need to get up to perform them. To do a foot and ankle circle, simply raise or lift your injured foot in the air. Slowly rotate the foot in a full circle, and then repeat going the opposite direction. Make sure you pay attention to how you feel throughout this process, as you don’t want to strain your ankle with large circles. The more often you perform these exercises, the more comfortable your foot will feel with additional exercises.

Parallel Bar Walking

This exercise should be done within your physical therapist’s office, and it should only be performed six to eight weeks after your ankle fusion (ideally, your stitches should be removed before you perform this exercise). To do the parallel bar walking exercise, you’ll want to position yourself between two bars. Put your hands on both bars, as this will support your weight. Then, the next step is an easy one: walk! By having both hands on the parallel bars, you can support your weight if your foot isn’t ready to bear it. This is a great exercise that can increase your mobility as well as your strength.

Increase Your Mobility with a Knee Walker

While it’s extremely important for you to engage in gentle, strength-building exercises, you still want to keep as much weight as possible off of your injured foot. If you want to avoid the clumsiness of clutches (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), then you might want to consider knee walkers. These handy devices allow you to scoot around without placing any weight on your foot, which can help speed up your recovery time. Plus, you’ll definitely be the center of attention with your knee scooter – so get ready to meet plenty of new people as you make your way around town!

If you want to recover from your ankle fusion surgery faster, then you’ll want to put these ankle fusion best recovery practices to good use. You’ll be back on your feet before you know it.

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