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15 Funniest Wheelchair Pranks

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on June 30, 2016. 0 Comments


Wheelchair users have a great sense of humor when it comes to playing pranks on people, especially able-bodied people. The following videos will keep you laughing as wheelchair users surprise pedestrians by rolling down hills, creating obstacles, tying themselves to cars and much more. Check out the funniest wheelchair pranks you will ever see below.

1. Criminal Frames Girl in Wheelchair

This prank is set up by an international hidden video show. It catches the reactions of unsuspecting people who are doing a good deed by briefly watching over a wheelchair user outside of a store. They observe a criminal giving his gun and mask to the wheelchair user setting her up to take the blame for the robbery. The reaction of the pedestrians will make you want to watch it over and over again.

2. Senior Citizens in Wheelchairs Cause Traffic Jam

Senior citizens using walkers and wheelchairs create a traffic jam while walking across the street to the corner store. Half way across the street they realize the store is closed and turn around and go back to the other side of the street. The driver’s run out of patience when one of the senior citizens drops change all over the street. The driver’s reactions are priceless!

3. Downhill Runaway Wheelchair

A blind man stops to ask for directions on a public street near a hill. He let’s go of his friend in the wheelchair causing the wheelchair to roll down the hill at a rapid pace. Tune in to see the reactions of the pedestrians as they try to help. This video will keep you laughing all the way through!

4. Senior Citizen Uses Wheelchair to Steal Money

Located on a busy street a senior citizen in a wheelchair attempts to grab money out of a truck and gets caught. The elderly man blames it on the person standing next to him and gets them in trouble. This hidden camera video is an awesome prank that will keep you laughing!

5. Out of Control Wheelchair User Crashes into Sidewalk Cafe

This hilarious video is about an out of control wheelchair user who catches onlookers by surprise as it crashes into tables near an outdoor café.

6. Wheelchair User Causes Pedestrian Obstacles

Laugh along as a wheelchair user purposely creates obstacles for pedestrians causing them to run, jump and walk around him. The pedestrians react in a variety of ways that keep you laughing as they try to get around the man.

7. Wheelchair Sprinkler Prank

An elderly man in a wheelchair at the park asks pedestrians to place him under an umbrella located in the center of the park. When they turn around to go get his belongings they realize the sprinklers turned on and the elderly man is getting soaked and it’s their fault! This hilarious hidden video prank is one you will want to share with your friends.

8. Wheelchair Traffic Stop Prank

This hilarious video shows a police officer on a routine traffic stop. The hidden camera prank attaches a small stuffed animal dog to the tailpipe of the car the police pulled over. As the police officer and the driver approach the back of the car they see a man in a wheelchair holding a dog leash attached to the back of the car. The man tells the police officer the driver dragged him down the street.

9. Dancing Grandpa Prank

An elderly man in a wheelchair takes pedestrians by surprise as he leaps out of his chair and dances. Check out the reactions of the pedestrians as they look on in amazement!

10. Getting Down a Flight of Chairs Wheelchair Prank

This hidden camera prank shows the real-life obstacles of wheelchair users. Staircases are difficult to navigate in a wheelchair so pedestrians help the wheelchair user out by carrying him down the stairs. However, the person carrying him needs a break afterward and actually rests in the wheelchair. Watch the video to see the reaction of the pedestrians.

11. Sleeping Wheelchair User Rolls Away in Public

This prank involves a wheelchair user who pretends to fall asleep and roll away on a public walkway. Laugh along with this prank as pedestrians run after the man guiding him to safety.

12. Remote Control Wheelchair Prank

Pedestrians at a local mall are asked to help an elderly man into his wheelchair. The hidden camera prank involves another person hiding with a remote control for the wheelchair. Watch as pedestrians help the elderly man and watch the wheelchair move on its own.

13. Stuck Wheelchair Prank

This hidden video shows a wheelchair user asking pedestrians for help to move from one location to another. The reactions of the pedestrians are hilarious when they realize the wheels are stuck.

14. Wheelchair Cat and Mouse Prank

Check out this funny video as an elderly man in a wheelchair pretends to lose his attached IV stick. Pedestrians help him by picking it up and running after him like a human cat and mouse game.

15. Epic Remote Control Wheelchair Prank

This wheelchair video prank shows an elderly man in a wheelchair being watched over by pedestrians as his caregiver walks away. The caregiver hides and uses a remote control to move the wheelchair causing the pedestrian to panic. This video will keep you laughing all the way through!

These hilarious hidden video pranks most likely have sparked your own ideas for a wheelchair prank. You will be surprised at how easy it is to surprise the public with your own unique prank. Remember to keep it safe, invite some friends to participate, record it and share it online for others to see. You might even develop your own online prank channel to keep everyone laughing.

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