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Cool Gadgets for Wheelchair Users

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on April 07, 2016. 0 Comments

The more gadgets, the easier daily tasks become for wheelchair users. There’s no secret that wheelchair users come up against a variety of obstacles in their daily lives. Inventors have developed and designed gadgets to help along the way. It is important to pinpoint specific obstacles and find the right gadget for you. Below is a list of cool gadgets to choose from.

Phone Carrying Case 

Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s world. It is not only convenient but is an excellent tool to have when you need to call for help. Keeping it by your side at all times is essential for safety purposes. Most cell phone carrying cases mount anywhere on the armrest of the wheelchair allowing easy access.

Cup Holder 

Quench your thirst anytime by keeping your favorite beverage close by with a cup holder. Cup holders easily attach to the right or left armrests of wheelchairs. It is secure and prevents spills while going about your busy day.


Flashlights are a handy tool that is frequently used in dark areas outdoors such as parking lots. A flashlight is an essential item for when the electricity goes out and you need to navigate through your home or office. Most flashlight kits provide a device that allows you to mount it to your wheelchair in a convenient place.

Grade Aids 

Grade aids are devices for manual wheelchairs that attach to wheel locks. It keeps the wheelchair from rolling backward. It is also helpful when propelling up slopes and climbing ramps.


This yellow oversized gadget is an excellent option for those with poor eyesight. It is also beneficial for people who have a difficult time gripping handles.

Care-E On 

This fun gadget is a platform that attaches to a power wheelchair and allows family and friends to ride-a-long with the wheelchair user. The platform holds up to 300 pounds.

Fishing Pole Holder 

Wheelchair users who enjoy fishing will find the fishing pole holder beneficial. It is adaptable to wheelchair arms from 7/8” to 1 1/8” diameter. The clamp and wing nut closure secure the holder to the wheelchair allowing for fishing reel operation with one hand.

Glare Volcanic Smaller Caster Wheels 

These colorful wheels will light up wheelchairs with 76mm casters. As the wheel spins LED lights in colors such as yellow, blue and green light up. It provides excellent light as well as customizes the wheelchair.

Hands-Free Umbrella Holder 

This helpful gadget is a must-have on rainy days. It attaches to the wheelchair quickly and easily. A loop apparatus and Velcro hook secure the umbrella in place. You can use this helpful hands-free gadget at sporting events, rainy days and more.

Wheelchair Slippers 

This gadget is an excellent option for those who want to prevent tracking dirt into the house. Wheelchair slippers are made to cover any standard wheelchair tire and are easy to use. They come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, beige and purple.

Wheelchair Shopping Basket 

This helpful gadget is geared towards caregivers. It connects to the wheel axles and handlebars of the wheelchair. It is designed to fit wheelchairs from 16 to 22 inches. The wheelchair shopping basket is a great choice for those who love to shop and don’t want their caregiver carrying all the bags.

Wheelchair Tray 

Wheelchair trays come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Users can lean on them, work on their laptop, read a book, eat and more. The trays are easy to attach and become a great alternative for tables that are not wheelchair accessible.

Wheel Pouch 

These large pouches attach to the wheel with loop fasteners and hooks. Most wheel pouches are made of machine washable fabric. They are a great choice for carrying personal items safely.

Shopping Wagon 

There are a variety of wagons that pull behind the wheelchair on the market. This helpful wagon easily attached to the cross bar on the backrest of the wheelchair. The general design allows wheelchair users to pull large loads of shopping bags and other items. It is easy to store, transport and attach.

Wheelchair Cargo Shelf 

The cargo shelf easily attaches to the frame under manual wheelchairs. It is convenient for carrying items such as books, bags, clothing and small items. Most wheelchair cargo shelves are made of water resistant nylon and have a front pocket to secure keys and wallets. The hook-and-loop attachments make it easy to install and remove.


Hubcaps are one of the best ways to customize a wheelchair. The trend is becoming increasingly popular due to using creative colors and designs. It expresses the personality of the wheelchair user as well as makes the wheelchair decorative.

Innovative and new wheelchair gadgets are created every day. Some wheelchair users will want to own as many gadgets as they can find. But most are looking for specific resolutions to their daily obstacles. For example, if you live in a city that experiences regular rain storms the umbrella holder is a suitable option. Choose wisely and allow wheelchair gadgets to make your life easier.

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