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KD Smart Chair

Regain Your Mobility & Get Your Independence Back!

Pre-Owned Standard KD Smart Chair

KD Smart Chair

Order your pre-owned KD Smart Chair Standard model.

Used Standard model of KD Smart Chair is an FDA cleared mobility device and was designed to be the most convenient electric wheelchair on the market today. It is made of strong aluminum alloy, which gives the chair a total weight of only 50 pounds and can support passengers weighing up to 265 pounds! It can be easily folded in seconds and transported in your car, SUV or truck. It is also ideal for travel due to it’s compact size and can fit virtually anywhere. Now you can bring your wheelchair on the cruise ship, airplane, bus or train.

Order your used pre-owned KD Smart Chair Standard model today. All Open Box pre-owned products have been professionally cleaned, then repackaged with care to give you a product as near to new as possible. 

Your pre-owned Standard power chair will be in it's original packaging or a suitable replacement box and shipped to you for free via FedEx within 5 business days. 

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Standard Model Specifications:

Device Weight:
(with battery)

50 pounds

Max Capacity:

265 pounds

Unfolded Dimensions:
(L x W x H)

38.2 in. x 23.2 in. x 33.1 in.

Folded Dimensions:
(L x W x H)

13 in. x 23.2 in. x 29.5 in.

Seat Dimensions:
(L x W)

16.75 in. x 15.25 in.

Seat Height: 
(from ground)

19 in.

Arm Rest Height:
(from ground) 

27 in.

Turning Radius:

31.5 in.

Maximum Speed:

4 miles per hour

Distance on Full Battery:

15 miles*

Ground Clearance:

3.1 inches

Front Wheels:
(Diameter x Width)

7 in. x 1.5 in.

Rear Wheels:
(Diameter x Width)

8 in. x 2 in.

Incline Capability:

12 degree slope

Motor Type:

Brushless DC Motor, 180 W Power Rating, 24 V DC Input Voltage

Wheel Material:

Solid with a mix of Polyurethane & Rubber


Lithium Ion, with a 10 Ah (Ampere-Hour) Capacity & 24 V DC Output Voltage (2 10ah batteries which run in series circuit) 


Input: AC 100V-240V~1.8A Max 47Hz-63Hz, Output: DC 29.2V - 2A

Brake Type:

Electromagnetic Braking System


KD Smart Chair Has Been Featured in:

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation review KD Smart Chair. Watch here.

Our electric wheelchair has been featured on CBS's The Doctors Show. Watch here.

"The KD Smart Chair is revolutionizing travel mobility for many, including complex rehab power chair users." New Mobility Magazine. April 1st, 2016

Features of KD Smart Chair

Weighs 50 pounds and supports passengers weighing up to 265 pounds

Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet

Lithium Ion battery can travel up to 15 miles*

FDA cleared medical device

More compact in size than traditional wheelchairs

Removable seat and seat cover for easy cleaning

Adjustable arm rests that can be raised for easy side access

Joystick can be mounted on left or right side arm rest

Our powered wheelchair costs less than any of its competitors

Comes with a 5 year warranty

Requires almost no maintenance

More stable and durable than the wobbly 3 wheel scooters


Order your pre-owned KD Smart Chair Standard model today and regain your mobility!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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About Open Box Sale

Our Open Box products have been professionally cleaned, then repackaged with care to give you a product as near to new as possible. Products sold under our Open Box Sale have been returned under our Return Policy. The product will be in its original packaging or a suitable replacement box and shipped to you with for free via FedEx within 3 business days.

How It Works

  • We receive a returned unwanted gif/item.
  • We test the product to ensure it's working order condition.
  • Customer orders the discounted open box item. 
  • We inspect again and approve the product quality.
  • We ship your pre-owned discounted KD Smart Chair to your door.

Frequently Asked Questions About Open Box Deals:

What is an Open Box Deal?

    We offer deep discounts on open-box items that have been returned, warehouse-damaged, used, or refurbished. These products are in good condition but do not meet KD Healthcares rigorous standards as "new." If your seeking a savings this is the deal for you!

    How do you evaluate a product's condition?

      Refurbished products have been repaired and restored to like-new condition. All parts and accessories that would have been included with the original product are present, and our thorough inspection process ensures that the product is clean and in working condition.

      Do these deals qualify for FREE Shipping?

        YES! Free Shipping is included in the sale!

        Do products come with a warranty?

          YES! These products are covered by a limited 30 day part(s) and 2 year frame warranty!

          Order Securely Online or 
          Order By Phone: 877-827-6278

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