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Holiday Power Wheelchair Buying Gift Guide for 2018

Power wheelchairs are in high demand for anyone that experiences mobility issues related to injury, surgery, paralysis, illness or disease. The requirement for long-term use of a wheelchair usually has consumers looking for the best power wheelchair available which takes a lot of research and knowledge. Searching online exposes you to a variety of brands, models, designs and manufacturers. This can all become confusing for those who are unfamiliar with everything a power wheelchair offers. The holiday season is just around the corner, if shopping for a power wheelchair is on your to-do list, continue reading our 2018 holiday power wheelchair buying guide below.

Consider the Benefits of a Power Wheelchair

Whether you are planning to purchase your first wheelchair or you want to upgrade from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair, you need to consider the amazing benefits a power wheelchair offers you.

Visit the Doctor

The need for a wheelchair is directly related to your current health condition. Your doctor will examine you and provide insightful information that will help you decide if a power wheelchair is best suited for you. Once your doctor gives you the approval to get a power wheelchair, you will begin your journey of finding the perfect model for you!

Determine the Need

Whether you are purchasing a power wheelchair for yourself or someone else this holiday season, you need to determine the need. Ask yourself the following questions:

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Those who need the wheelchair for indoor use only are usually bedridden most of the day, sick and experience low levels of energy. Users who remain indoors for long periods of time are generally following doctors orders.

Are you an outdoor adventure enthusiast? You will need a power wheelchair that can keep up with you. This means you want to look for a power wheelchair that can navigate over a variety of outdoor terrain as well as have the speed needed to live your life to the fullest. Generally, you want to look for a power wheelchair that is sturdy, durable, fast, and has excellent tires.

Travel Use

Do you or the potential user enjoy traveling? In the past, traveling with a wheelchair was quite difficult. These days wheelchair users travel on a regular basis for pleasure, business, and medical reasons. The airlines have specific regulations and guidelines for travelers in wheelchairs. It’s important to find a power wheelchair that is accepted on planes and other types of transportation.


Gone are the days when wheelchair users stay hidden in their house. In today’s world, wheelchair users are accomplishing more than ever before. There are the usual daily tasks to take care of such as work, groceries, and cooking. However, some wheelchair users go a bit farther and participate in accessible sports, extreme sports and more. Using a portable wheelchair is needed to make things easier when going from one event to the next.

How to Measure Your Body for a Wheelchair

You want to make sure the wheelchair of your choice is the perfect fit for the user. The following steps will help you find the right wheelchair size for you or the potential user.

Step 1: Measure the Width of the Person

Step 2: Measure the Chest

Step 3: Measure the Legs

Step 4: Measure the Hips

Step 5: Measure the Elbow

Step 6: Measure the Shoulders

Step 7: Measure the Head

Wheelchair Battery Types

Front, Mid and Rear Wheel Drive Wheelchairs

Armrest Styles

Wheelchair Controllers

Wheelchair controllers are also referred to as Joysticks. You will use this controller to drive your motorized wheelchair in any direction you wish. You can control the speed, when to stop, when to begin, turns and what direction you prefer.

Leg Rests and Seating

For some wheelchair users leg rests are essential to maintaining good health. For example if your legs tend to swell, leg rests will allow you to adjust them so that your legs can rest in a variety of positions, including straight outward. Leg rests usually come with a calf pad or padded area.

KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchairs

KD Smart Chair is the original manufacturer of lightweight power wheelchair. There is a wide range of power chair models available from Standard, Special Edition to Heavy Duty. The KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair line is designed with the user in mind so you can regain your mobility and independence back.

Standard KD Power Wheelchair Model Specifications

How to Pay for a Motorized Wheelchair

Now that you have learned in-depth details about motorized wheelchairs, including the need for them, measuring yourself for the perfect fit and receiving your doctor’s approval, chances are you are ready to make your purchase. A common concern and question many consumers ask are, how will they pay for the power wheelchair? Consider the payment options shown below for your power chair:

Purchasing a Power Wheelchair for the Holidays

Now that you have the details about the latest 2018 power wheelchairs models and their components, you are most-likely ready to make your holiday gift purchase for your loved one or yourself. Many wheelchair users do a lot of shopping online to find the best electric wheelchair for their needs. You will want to look for a company that offers a trial period so that you can test out the wheelchair and money back guarantee. One of the benefits of ordering online is the convenience and the fact that the wheelchair arrives at your front door. KD Smart Chair is one of those companies that offer a trial period and a 60 day money back guarantee. When testing out the wheelchair make sure you use it as you would every day, go outdoors, run errands and go over rough terrain to see if it is a good fit to keep up with your lifestyle.

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