Welcome to our side by side comparison of the Drive Medical Cobalt X16 vs. Smart Chair. If you are interested in the Drive Medical Cobalt X16, we have some valuable information below about this product that you should know about. We feel that the Smart Chair is the best electric wheelchair because it is light weight, compact, easy to use and very affordable when compared to the Drive Medical Cobalt X16 and it's offerings.

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Drive Medical is the manufacturer of quite a few electric wheelchair models, and their Cobalt line are in the lower end of the price range scale overall. Drive Medical Cobalt X16 is offered on many websites for about $1600 and boasts just about all of of the same features of the other Drive Medical models. Let's find out how it measures up in comparison to the Smart Chair:


  Smart Chair Drive Medical Cobalt X16
Device Weight: 50 pounds (23 kilograms) with battery. 121 pounds (54.9 kilograms) with battery. Base weighs 74 pounds (33.6 kilograms), seat weighs 19 pounds (8.6 kilograms) and each battery (x2) weighs 14 pounds (6.4 kilograms).