Find out the average cost of wheelchairs. Wondering how much a power wheelchair will cost you? We have put together this price table for the popular wheelchair types and what you can expect to pay.

  • What is the average cost of a wheelchair?
  • What is the average cost of power wheelchair?
  • How much is the ultra lightweight wheelchair?
  • What is the cost of standard wheelchairs?
  • How much does bariatric wheelchair cost?
  • How much does standing wheelchair cost?

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Wheelchair Type


Standard Wheelchairs $500
Power Wheelchairs $1,200 - $2,500
Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs $700 - $1,995
Ergonomic Wheelchairs $500 - $1,895
Transport Wheelchair $100 - $300
Tilting Wheelchairs $300 - $1,700
Reclining Wheelchairs $300 - $800
Standing Wheelchairs $5,000 - $16,000
Lightweight Wheelchairs $150 - $3,500
Bariatric Wheelchairs $300 - $3,000 
Active Wheelchairs $1,000 - $3,000
Pediatric Wheelchairs $150 - $1,500
Airplane Wheelchairs $90 - $250



Different Types of Wheelchairs 

Standard Wheelchairs 

Standard manual wheelchairs are made with a steel durable frame. The seating is generally made of Nylon and measures between 16 and 20 inches. The armrests come detachable or fixed, depending on the wheelchair model. The average cost of a standard wheelchair is around $500. 

Power Wheelchairs 

Power wheelchairs are designed for function and durability. It is available in a wide range of seat heights, depths, and widths. Most models offer seating, legrest and armrest options. Power wheelchairs are controlled by a joystick located on the armrest. Users can control the wheelchair with the joystick or choose from alternative control options. Power wheelchairs usually have rear-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, and mid-wheel drive capabilities. The average cost of a power wheelchair is $1,200 - $2,500.

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs 

Ultra Light Weight wheelchairs are easy to fold and store in small places. They are made of a combination of steel and aluminum which allows the wheelchair to weigh below 29 pounds. It has ergonomic seating for comfort and stability. Ultra Light Weight wheelchairs come in a variety of designs and colors. The average cost of an ultra lightweight wheelchair is $700 - $1,995.

Ergonomic Wheelchairs 

The goal of the Ergonomic wheelchair is to provide users with better weight distribution and increased stability. These two seating features lower the risk of spinal injury and pressure sores. Ergonomic wheelchairs are durable, easy to fold and store plus have a lightweight frame. The average cost of an ergonomic wheelchair is $500 - $1,895.

Transport Wheelchairs 

This type of wheelchair is best for companions who care for wheelchair users. Transport wheelchair models make it easier for a companion to assist the user. Features such as fixed side panels and armrests along with swing-away leg rests are beneficial to the companion since it allows the user to enter and exit the wheelchair with ease. The average cost of a transport wheelchair is $100 - $300.

Tilting Wheelchairs 

Tilting wheelchairs have a seating system that rotates around the sliding or fixed pivot point which maintains the seat-back angle. Due to this function, it often relieves pressure on the rear since it accomplishes pressure redistribution to the user’s back. Generally, the wheelchair user’s center of gravity gets redistributed by rotating the axis. The average cost of a tilting wheelchair is $300 - $1,700.

Reclining Wheelchairs 

Recliner wheelchair is specifically created and designed to allow users to recline safely and comfortably at incremental angles. Users who suffer from orthostatic hypotension and severe hip extension contractures benefit the most from reclining wheelchairs. The average cost of a recliner wheelchair is $300 - $800.

Standing Wheelchairs 

Standing wheelchairs are power wheelchairs controlled by a joystick that allows users to be in a standing position during operation. It is often powered by two 12v batteries allowing it to run for long periods of time. Health benefits of the Standing wheelchair include improvement of bladder and kidney function along with increased muscle tone and blood circulation. The average cost of a standing wheelchair is $5,000 - $16,000.

Light Weight Wheelchairs 

Light Weight wheelchairs were designed to provide portable and easy to fold options compared to the standard wheelchair. Seat widths often range from 14” to 30 inches and can hold passengers up to a maximum weight of 550 pounds. The durable frame is made out of steel or aluminum, or sometimes a combination of both to achieve the lightweight feel. Most lightweight wheelchairs weigh about 30 pounds or more. The average cost of a lightweight wheelchair is $150 - $3,500.

Bariatric Wheelchairs

Bariatric wheelchairs, also described as heavy duty wheelchairs are designed with extra support and durability in mind. Most models provide 30-inch seat width and can accommodate up to 550 pounds. The average cost of a bariatric wheelchair is $300 - $3,000.

Active Wheelchairs

Lightweight and aerodynamic, active wheelchairs are suited for those who are athletic and always on the go. Most models have a rigidly structured frame and compact dimensions. Popular features include adjustable backrest and seat height for comfort. The average cost of an active wheelchair is $1,000 - $3,000.

Pediatric Wheelchairs 

Pediatric wheelchairs are designed specifically for children and those who are petite. There is a wide range of models available. The pediatric power standing wheelchair is a popular option due to beneficial health reasons such as improved circulation and bone density. Another beneficial feature includes the choice of having the child control the power wheelchair or the parents or caregiver take control. The average cost of a pediatric wheelchair is $150 - $1,500.

Airplane Wheelchairs 

Airplane wheelchairs are designed to meet FAA safety regulations. Generally, Airplane wheelchairs provide the user with convenience and safety during travel. Most models have aircraft grade aluminum for durability and quick release wheels for convenience. The average cost of an airplane wheelchair is $90 - $250.

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