The Guide to Spring Break for Wheelchair Users

The Guide to Spring Break for Wheelchair Users

Spring break! Students in the United States study hard all semester and look forward to resting their minds during spring break. Escaping to beautiful destinations is common. Students who are wheelchair users often get left behind because of obstacles that prevent them from following the crowd to specific destinations. Wheelchair users don’t have to be left behind anymore. The following information will help guide you in planning the best spring break you ever experienced.

Choose a Destination

Research destinations you would like to visit for spring break. Most students choose beach resort destinations in Florida and Mexico, but you don’t have to limit yourself to those areas. Once you choose a destination, research accommodations in that city. Accessibility to hotels, restaurants, and public transportation is required.

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Invite Friends and make Reservations

Once you choose your location, invite your friends along. Discuss transportation and hotel accommodations with your friends. Some groups of friends choose to share the costs of the trip, making it affordable for those involved. Offer to make the transportation and hotel accommodations to assure it is wheelchair accessible.

You might have to choose a different hotel if the one your group wants doesn’t accommodate wheelchairs. All hotels in the United States are required to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, it doesn’t always mean small bed and breakfasts and other hotel alternatives offer wheelchair accessible rooms.

Set Up Accommodations in Advance

If you need transportation to the airport, make sure you choose wheelchair accessible transportation such as a shuttle bus to and from the airport. If you are flying to the destination, always speak to the airlines directly about your specific needs on the plane, including entering, exiting and an aisle seat.

If you are going to a beach destination such as Miami Florida, you can contact the hotel or research online to rent a beach wheelchair. This type of wheelchair allows you to safely access the sand without ruining your wheelchair.

Plan Activities

Ask your friends what restaurants they would like to try. Call the restaurants ahead of time to inquire about accessibility. Sometimes restaurants accommodate wheelchair users by offering a side or back entrance when the front of the restaurant is too difficult to navigate in a wheelchair.

Choose Fun Activities

Most spring break activities involve having fun at the beach. Whether you choose to go to the beach, a theme park or other fun destination, you need to plan fun activities to make the most of your spring break. There are plenty of places that accommodate wheelchairs such as Universal Studios. This is a common place to visit for students who love roller coasters.

Overall, it’s your spring break and you can make it as fun as you want. Gather a group of friends, find a destination, make travel plans in advance, contact restaurants and get ready to enjoy an awesome spring break. You can make things interesting by choosing a new destination for every spring break.

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