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Lego Wheelchair Gives Paralyzed Kitten Hope

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on May 19, 2016. 0 Comments

A paralyzed kitten was rescued on a Long Island street and taken to Massapequa Pet Vet immediately. The staff realized something was unusual when the kitten refused to move. Usually, weeks-old kittens are walking around and very playful. However, this kitten, named “Mac” by the veterinarian staff wasn’t behaving as expected.

Dr. Ned Horowitz, the veterinarian at Massapequa Pet Vet conducted a thorough exam that revealed the kitten’s back legs are both partially paralyzed. Dr. Horowitz reported the kitten is responding to squeezes on the legs which give hope for recovery. The examination was unable to determine how the kitten was paralyzed. However, Dr. Horowitz has confidence that the kitten will go on to live a healthy life.

The veterinarian staff quickly realized the kitten required assistance getting around. They connected a few Lego’s and created a customized wheelchair that perfectly suited the kitten. Once the staff introduced the kitten to the wheelchair, he took off running around the veterinarian office. It was obvious the only thing holding the kitten back was his inability to use his back legs.

The staff was delighted to see the kitten with so much energy. One staff member stated: “The kitten was excited to move around on his own and just kept going.” It was an encouraging moment for the staff as well as the kitten.

The future seems bright for Mac now that he has the ability to be independent. Dr. Horowitz has one goal in mind, to get the kitten to walk on his own again. The veterinarian staff considers the Lego wheelchair to be a small stepping stone for therapy. Once the kitten completes therapy and experiences a full recovery, Dr. Horowitz, and his team plan to place the kitten for adoption and assist with finding him a forever home.

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