Pope Loses Temper after Crowd Pushes Him into Wheelchair User

The phrase recently associated with the Pope is, “He’s only a human being.” Pope Francis is currently serving as the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and is also considered the Sovereign of Vatican City. He is known worldwide for his calm demeanor and kind nature. It came as a surprise to many onlookers when he lost his temper recently and started yelling at an adoring crowd.

Pope Francis was on a six-day trip to Mexico and was visiting a stadium in the western city of Morelia when the incident happened. The crowd the Pope was greeting became aggressive as they tried to reach towards him for a blessing, hug, handshake or greeting. As the crowd started pushing towards the Pope attempting to pull him closer he stumbled and landed on the head of a man in a wheelchair.

Pope Francis immediately tried to remove himself from leaning on the disabled man’s body, but the crowd persisted to tug at the Pope causing him to become noticeably angry. The Pope was furious with the crowd that seemed to lack respect for the disabled man, each other and for the Pope.

The Pope was no longer his calm composed self when his anger raged and he began shouting at the crowd in Spanish: “Don’t be selfish!” Worshippers were shocked to see the Pope lose his temper with them. The situation reached social media which was filled with mixed comments regarding his behavior. Many dedicated worshipers stating: “He’s only a human being.” While others were discouraged by the Pope’s anger.

Emily Burton chose to share her feelings about the situation on her Facebook page, she stated: “The Pope has been visiting the slums, he’s in a different climate, he is tired and trying to please everyone around him. He does this even though he knows he’s vulnerable to rough people in the crowds. He’s trying to do the right thing and then this almost stumbles him. Anyone would lose their cool, just asking for some common sense to prevail, to be gentle since he’s just a simple old man.”

Janes Sugianto Limantara reminded everyone on social media that the Pope once said told everyone that even he could get angry too. “Remember when he said he will punch us if we insulted his mother?” There were plenty other devoted worshipers who came to the defense of Pope Francis. However, it does come down to individual personal response. While some worshipers were shocked, others understood the outburst due to the circumstances.

Although it was an aggressive situation, there were no injuries reported and the wheelchair user was in good condition afterward. Worshipers continue to argue the fact Pope Francis allowed himself to show his anger. Some feel the Pope should always live a holy example and react to situations expected by crowds. Most worshipers feel he could have handled the situation better.

Others who came to the defense of the Pope mentioned that some people hold the Pope to higher standards beyond human capacity. Worshipers should understand Pope Francis is a human being attempting to do the most difficult job in the world and remind everyone of peace and love. All human beings, no matter how dedicated to their cause, will lose their temper when they are being physically attacked and forced to land on a disabled person.

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