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10 Best Wheelchair Destinations for Valentine’s Day

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on January 31, 2017. 0 Comments

Valentine’s day is arriving quickly and you better start planning now! Sometimes the standard flowers, chocolates and date night isn’t enough for the special person in your life. You need to go above and beyond this year. If you are ready to show the love of your life how much they mean to you on Valentine's Day, consider the travel destinations listed below.

1. Sonoma Valley, California 

Surprise your love with a romantic getaway to Sonoma Valley. You will be surrounded by California’s Wine Country, sunlit valley vineyards, ancient oak trees, mountain vistas, historic areas, restaurants, shops, country inns and beautiful weather.

2. Sydney, Australia 

This beautiful city experiences summer in February. If you are looking for a warm getaway that has picturesque views, serene beaches, ocean life, and attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, this is the destination for you. The city of Sydney is known as one of the most accessible cities in the world for wheelchair users. It is an excellent getaway that allows you to focus on romance, fun and exploring sights, instead of worrying about accessibility. The ferries have loading ramps and the taxis are accessible too! Don’t forget to capture a picture of the majestic sunsets over the harbor during your romantic getaway.

3. Paris, France 

Take your love on a Valentine’s getaway to one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris. Travel the city on accessible transportation such as buses and taxis. Visit beautiful spots such as Versailles, Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower which are all wheelchair accessible. If you are thinking of proposing to your love, Paris is an excellent option.

4. San Francisco, California 

The rolling hills in San Francisco sometimes deters wheelchair users from visiting. You don’t have to miss out on visiting this beautiful city due to accessibility concerns. The city provides accessible buses, streetcars, and trolleys. Popular attractions such as Ghirardelli Square and picturesque views from various areas of the city are excellent for a romantic getaway.

5. London, England 

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and the London eye are the famous city’s most popular attractions. Tour the city on accessible buses as you enjoy a romantic getaway visiting historical sights, museums, restaurants, shops and more.

6. Miami, Florida 

If you are looking for a warm destination with ocean views, nightlife, exquisite restaurants and pristine beaches, Miami is your city. Surprise your Valentine by whisking them away to the exotic city of Miami. Use accessible city buses and taxis to tour the city.

7. Aspen, Colorado 

If pure white snow, scenic mountain views and romantic evenings spent by the fire are more your speed, Aspen is the city for your romantic getaway. Choose to participate in adapted skiing, or visit museums, shop at high-end stores, art galleries or attend fun winter festivals in the city.

8. Savannah, Georgia 

Spend your romantic getaway exploring this quaint city. Enjoy accessible pathways surrounded by trees and Spanish moss, shop, dine and enjoy the Savannah Riverfront. Indulge in exquisite meals at fine restaurants and tour historic homes and museums. If you are looking for a quiet romantic getaway Savannah is the destination for you.

9. Maui, Hawaii 

Surround yourself with ocean views, delicious food, romantic sunsets, luxe resorts and exotic jungles when you visit Maui. This romantic destination will be a trip you and your love will remember forever. Tour the city in accessible buses and taxis. Some beaches provide beach wheelchairs. Remember to ask the hotel front desk for a list of accessible beaches in the area.

10. Monterey, California 

Allow the natural beauty of Monterey to create a romantic Valentine’s day getaway. Stay in lavish accommodations offered by a variety of hotels in the area. Enjoy a cozy romantic evening at Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Travel Tips for a Valentine’s Day Getaway

  • Plan Ahead – Start planning right now! While Valentine’s day isn’t the busiest day of the year at airports, it’s still busy. There are many other couples planning trips just like you. Find the destination of your choice and book your reservations as soon as possible.
  • Accessible Hotel Rooms – Almost all hotels offer accessible hotel rooms. This is good news for wheelchair users. However, they are usually limited to only a dozen or less per hotel. Make sure you reserve an accessible room by making the plans ahead of time to beat the rush of other travelers.
  • Airline Reservations – Chances are you will be traveling to your desired romantic destination. Make things easier for yourself by hiring a travel agent that is experienced with wheelchair accessible arrangements. If you choose to make your travel arrangements on your own make sure you are requesting accessible transportation to and from the airport as well as comfortable seating in the airplane.
  • Travel Documentation – Inquire with the airline which travel documents are required. Domestic flights usually require you to show identification while international flights require a passport. Make sure you and your travel partner have the proper travel documents prepared ahead of time. Remember if you are whisking your love to an international destination they will need at least 6 to 8 weeks for to get their passport. Some cities offer expedited passports when travel plans are set before the arrival date of the new passport. But be prepared to wait in long lines and pay extra fees for expediting the document.

Valentine’s Day is an excellent time to show someone how much you care. Life can get busy and days go by fast, often causing people to take their love for granted. Planning a special Valentine’s day with your love by traveling to a romantic destination will surely make them feel cherished and adored. Take action and start making your romantic getaway plans today!

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