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10 Best Wheelchair Decorations for Christmas

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on December 19, 2016. 0 Comments

The Christmas and The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get in a festive mood. A fun and exciting way to enjoy the holidays is to decorate your wheelchair. This trend is increasingly becoming common and is expected to increase in popularity for years to come. It’s time to dust off the holiday decorations and start decorating your wheelchair. Before you get started, consider these 10 best wheelchair decorations for Christmas below.

  1. White Twinkle Light Decorations

Source: Hayley Eszti 

If you are interested in simple but pretty decorations consider white Christmas lights. This easy to do decoration involves a long strand of white holiday lights and careful placement around the wheelchair. This is an excellent option as a last minute idea or attending a holiday party.

  1. Silver Ornaments with Sparkle Wheels

Source: Wheelchair Pride

This festive look will last throughout the entire holiday season. Sparkle wheel covers are accented with silver ornaments, plus blue and silver garland that runs along the leg rests. It’s a subtle festive look that is perfect for the holiday season.

  1. Santa’s Sled  

Source: HuffPost 

Children will enjoy riding around in Santa’s sled while reindeer guide them along. This colorful holiday display will put everyone in the Christmas spirit. You will need cardboard, paint, and artistic skills to create this holiday decoration for wheelchairs.

  1. Mr. Grinch Sled

Source: The Gloss

Is the Grinch your favorite holiday movie? If so, you will have fun pretending to be Mr. Grinch as you ride around in a sled. To create this look you can use cardboard, paint, and cotton balls. If you are artistic and familiar with tools, you can create the sled with wood.

  1. Santa’s Colorful Sled

Source: Halloweencostumes.com

This colorful sled is sure to grab attention this holiday season. To create the look you will need cardboard, paints, and artistic talent. First, cut the design of the sled out of cardboard, then use colorful paints to decorate the sled. You can make it as festive as you wish.

  1. Futuristic Holiday Lights

Source: Stella Four

The holidays could look like this in the future. This talented wheelchair user decorated her wheelchair with futuristic glowing lights. She also created a special costume that adds dimension to the decoration. This look is difficult to create unless you have artistic talent and knowledge of working lights. This holiday decoration is fun to see. However, it is not recommended because the heated lights can cause injury to the skin.

  1. Christmas Light Wheels

Source: Wheelchair Mom

This easy to do DIY decoration project will keep you in a festive mood all season. Intertwine holiday lights in the spokes of the wheelchair. The colorful lights will also light the floor in the dark. It is especially helpful when navigating through dark parking lots when shopping for gifts.

  1. Colorful Futuristic Holiday Lights

Source: Timesnews.net

This inventive idea makes the wheelchair look futuristic and festive. The creation of this design remains a mystery. However, it obviously involves lights that run in a circular motion around the wheelchair user.

  1. Snowflake Lights

Source: Youtube

Festive and pretty, this holiday decoration includes a strand of solid lights carefully attached to the inner part of the wheel rim. The strand of colorful snowflake lights wraps around the seat area and down the front of the leg rests. You can’t see it in this picture but the snowflake lights blink for added cheer. 

  1. Silver and Purple Sparkle Ornaments

Source: shoshiplatypus.blogspot.com

Glitter silver and purple ornaments give this wheelchair extra sparkle. Purple and silver garland runs from the back of the wheelchair down to the front. The wheel covers add sparkle and shine to the overall festive look.

Creating Your Own Christmas Wheelchair Design

Decorating your wheelchair for Christmas and the holiday season is a fun activity that will bring cheer all season. Follow the steps below to create a unique design for your wheelchair.

  • Decorations – Begin by searching through the holiday decorations you already have in storage. See if any decorative ideas come to mind.
  • Create a Color Theme – Common color themes for the holiday season include red and silver, red and green, blue and silver, red and gold, green and gold, and silver and gold. You can create your own color them using as many colors as you wish.
  • Create a Design – If you are interested in going beyond lights and ornaments with your decorative idea, try creating something out of cardboard like Santa’s sled.
  • Go Beyond the Normal – If you are a person that enjoys standing out from the rest, create something unique that nobody else will design. Try creating elves out of cardboard that you can adhere to your wheelchair. You can also design other popular Christmas characters like frosty the snowman and the Grinch.
  • Movie Theme Christmas – You can incorporate your favorite movie into Christmas by combining popular characters from the movie with holiday decorations. For example, if your favorite movie is Star Wars, you can decorate your wheelchair in a star wars theme and add silver or gold ornaments and garland to create something unique.

You might have been decorating your wheelchair for the holidays for many years. This year try to tap into your artistic talent and create something extraordinary. If you have friends that are also wheelchair users you can have a festive decorating party to help each other bling out your wheelchair for Christmas and the holidays. Be inventive and have fun!

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