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10 Best Wheelchair Decorations for Christmas

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on December 19, 2016. 0 Comments

The Christmas and The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and it’s time to get in a festive mood. A fun and exciting way to enjoy the holidays is to decorate your wheelchair. This trend is increasingly becoming common and is expected to increase in popularity for years to come. It’s time to dust off the holiday decorations and start decorating your wheelchair. Before you get started, consider these 10 best wheelchair decorations for Christmas below.

  1. White Twinkle Light Decorations

Source: Hayley Eszti 

If you are interested in simple but pretty decorations consider white Christmas lights. This easy to do decoration involves a long strand of white holiday lights and careful placement around the wheelchair. This is an excellent option as a last minute idea or attending a holiday party.

  1. Silver Ornaments with Sparkle Wheels

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The Ultimate Holiday Guide for Wheelchair Users

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on December 08, 2016. 0 Comments

Christmas and The Holiday Season is in full force! Stores are decorated with festive lights and the shopping season officially began the day after Thanksgiving. The holiday season is different for everyone, but it generally involves family, friends, decorations, delicious food, gifts, holiday parties and more! The following guide will help wheelchair users enjoy a spectacular holiday season.

Decorating the House                                            

Festive decorations and lights are usually the first on the list of things to do for the holidays. Decorating indoors is usually a breeze. However, outdoor decorating is often a challenge for wheelchair users. If you plan to put festive lights and decorations outdoors it is best to invite friends or family over to help. You can make a special occasion out of the situation by providing everyone with snacks, drinks and festive music.

Attending Holiday Parties

Holiday party...

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10 Wheelchair User Tips for Navigating the Mall during the Holiday Season

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on December 08, 2016. 0 Comments

The crowded mall is the last place many shoppers want to fight through to purchase gifts. However, most people end up spending at least several hours at a mall during the holiday season. Navigating the mall in a wheelchair can be a challenge. The following tips will help you create an enjoyable shopping experience at the mall during the Holiday Season for wheelchair users.

  1. Plan Ahead    

Be prepared to battle against the crowds by creating an itinerary. Print or download a map from the mall website and begin planning your route. Make a list of the people you need to shop for and choose stores that have gifts they would be interested in receiving. Section the mall into sections on the map and focus on only visiting the stores you choose.

  1. Time Your Trip

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Hate Crimes Against Those With Disabilities Decline

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on December 08, 2016. 0 Comments

The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program revealed that crimes against the disabled have dropped compared to the previous year. The FBI uses a system that tracks crimes related to disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and gender. According to the FBI, currently, 1.2 percent of hate crimes targeted people with disabilities.

Advocates for the disabled community find the percentage surprisingly low. Daily reports on local news programs throughout the United States make it seem like the percentage should be higher. A large part of the reason the percentage is low could be due to lack of reporting the hate crime. Hate crimes often never get reported for a variety of reasons. Victims of hate crimes are afraid of retaliation or feel ashamed.

Some hate crimes against people with disabilities don’t get reported due to dependency on a third party or...

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Injured HS Football Player Rises from Wheelchair during National Anthem

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on October 27, 2016. 0 Comments



High school football player Carson Geddes, 16, stands for the national anthem the day after surgery impressing many across America. The news is filled with stories, pictures, and videos of NFL football players sitting or kneeling during the national anthem. This situation has many Americans in a constant debate and uproar over the issue.

A Friday night high school football game produced one of the most inspirational photos yet. Geddes was on the sideline to support and watch his team. The national anthem started and Geddes, who was in pain from his surgery, stood for the entire song. He was deeply in pain towards the end, but his patriotic spirit made it through.

Geddes said, “Standing up was a little hard, so I had to lean on my wheelchair a little bit, definitely wasn’t feeling too good by the...

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New Show ‘Speechless’ Shines Light on Disabilities

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on October 27, 2016. 0 Comments

The new television show Speechless is demystifying the special needs community. The creator of the ABC family comedy, Scott Silveri, based the humorous and informative series on his life growing up with a brother who has special needs. Silveri insisted on hiring disabled actor Micah Fowler, who has cerebral palsy in real life.

Silveri always knew he would employ a disabled actor for the main character of the series. Growing up, Silveri witnessed and experienced difficult situations related to disabilities. He was prepared to fight hard with the network and studio to make sure his demands for a disabled actor were met. Surprisingly he never had to fight. Silveri stated, “God bless the studio and the network for not questioning that.”

Speechless aired its first episode September 21, 2016, to rave reviews. Critics are commending Micah Fowler’s work. Silveri is quick to draw attention to Fowler’s brilliant...

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Wheelchair Users Guide to Traveling During the Thanksgiving Holiday

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on October 27, 2016. 0 Comments

The U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports the Thanksgiving holiday as being one of the busiest long-distance travel times of the year. Trips during the Thanksgiving holiday increase by 54 percent compared to the rest of the year. Wheelchair users are often confronted with obstacles when traveling. This guide will help wheelchair users navigate through the Thanksgiving holiday travel chaos.

Choose a Destination and Plan Ahead    

The Thanksgiving holiday is known as an excellent time of year to visit family and friends. However, it’s also a great time of year to take a vacation. Whether you are visiting friends or planning a getaway, you need to plan ahead. Begin by choosing a destination. Try to make this decision as early as possible. It is recommended to make Thanksgiving travel plans at least two months ahead of time.

Travel Documents and Passports

Although the Thanksgiving...

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Significant Drop Seen in Disability Unemployment Rate

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on October 27, 2016. 0 Comments

The U.S. Department of Labor released figures proving the unemployment rate for Americans with disabilities showed a steep decline. The jobless rate within the disabled community fell an astounding 8.7 percent. This is significantly lower than the previous month which was at 11.3 percent. The new figures reflect an increase of people with disabilities entering the workforce.

The figures have boosted morale in the disabled community, while the general population showed an increase in the overall unemployment rate by 5 percent. The U.S. Department of Labor revealed 156,000 jobs were added to the economy. However, the increase in job opportunity didn’t change the general population figures.

According to John O’Neill, director of employment and disability research at Kessler Foundation, “The continuous improvement in the figures for people with disabilities joining the workforce compared to the general population shows the disabled community is outpacing the general population on...

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Top 10 Best Disability Friendly Cities in the United States

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on October 27, 2016. 0 Comments

It is gradually becoming easier for wheelchair users to travel and move to cities in the United States. Whether you are planning a vacation or a move, there are a few things to consider. The most common concerns are access to public buildings, transit options, weather conditions, sidewalk and ramp access. The following cities are known as the friendliest cities in the United States for wheelchair users.

  1. Berkeley, California    

The disabled community has been strong in this city for centuries. Berkeley is known as the city that allows you to be your true self. Many of the citizens are unique and accepting of the disabled community. Everyone lives in harmony together. Some tourists that visit Berkeley say it feels like traveling back in time to the 1970’s. As a tourist, you will enjoy easy access to public transportation and spectacular views...

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Federal Officials Seek to End Segregated Schools for Disabled Students

Posted by ROLAND REZNIK on September 07, 2016. 0 Comments

School districts within the United States have been segregating children with disabilities for centuries. After careful investigation, the Justice Department has discovered the state of Georgia has illegally segregated students through their GNETS program. Federal officials revealed disabled students had no contact at all with typically-developing children. Sadly, it was further discovered that disabled students were exposed to decrepit buildings on a daily basis and did not have access to science labs, libraries and other areas on campus.

In July 2015, the Justice Department notified Georgia’s state officials of the results of their investigation. Proposals and counterproposals have been swapped between federal officials and state officials. Federal and State attorneys have been involved in negotiations for eight months. According to Vanita Gupta, head of the department’s civil rights division, they are pursuing the U.S. claims in federal court to vindicate the rights of students affected...

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